Chairman Mrs Clare Roberts

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Clerk to the Council

W.E. Wilkins

Tel: 01736 762874

E-mail: [email protected]


Corner Barn

Higher Trevurvas


Helston, TR13 9TZ



Ordinary Meeting of Madron Parish Council

 to be held at  Trythall CP School

 Thursday 4th August 2016, at 7.30pm


Dear Councillor,

You are requested to attend the meeting at the time and date shown above.




W.E. Wilkins, Clerk.



  1. Apologies
  2. Acceptance of Minutes
    Ordinary Madron Parish Council Meeting on 7th July 2016 at Madron Community


  1. Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda


  1. Dispensations5. Public Participation6.       Chairman’s Comments

        Equality objective for Cornwall in relation to housing consultation. (circulated to

councillors by email)


  1. 7. Councillor’s Questions and Comments
    (24 hours notice to clerk under Standing Order 16(h) advisable)
               Cllr Peake – Chairmanship Training Course at Truro on 19th July 2016
    Cllr Jenkin – Twinning Madron/Mont-Dol meeting 19th July 2016
    Cllr Pritchard – Police and Crime Commissioner’s monthly report and questionnaire

(circulated to councillors by email)

  1. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
  2. Planning
              To consider recommendations to all planning applications received by this Council     prior to this meeting, including the following overleaf –

PA16/04968 – single storey extension to existing house at Bythmoy, access to

Nanscowen, New Mill – revised plans.

PA16/06591 – proposed side-storey side extensions and four dormer windows into

roof at Eureka, Great Bosullow, Newbridge

              PA16/03618 – construction of agricultural dwelling and associated works at land

SWW of Carfury Farm, Carfury, New Mill – refused.

PA16/00729 – conversion of existing garage to guest lounge and bedroom at Trenant

Farm, Great Bosullow, Newbridge – approved
             Other Planning Matters
             Viewing plans on Cornwall Council website and lack of Wi-Fi at Madron

Community Rooms.

  1. Public Rights of Way
    Cutting of silver paths complete – also cut of 32/3, unscheduled but requested by this


  1. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence

Update of instructions from last meeting.

Risk Assessment for 2016-2017
Trafalgar celebrations on 23rd October 2016 – arrangements to date
Comments from PC Louis Thomas


  1. West Penwith Community Network Panel (Forum) – 21st July 2016
    Report from councillors attending forum with clerk.


  1. Finance
    To approve the following accounts for payment –
    W.E. Wilkins, Clerk                 Salary                          £694.90
    Office Allowance        £  30.00
    Mileage                        £  21.60
    Disbursements                         £  88.05
    HMRC                                     PAYE & Nat. Ins         £200.39

             Cllr V. Peake                           54 miles @ 45p per

Mile – Chairmanship

Training at Truro.         £  24.30

CALC                                      Chairmanship Training

for one delegate                       £24.00
Cornwall Council                    Street Closure for

Trafalgar                      £  44.00
N. Prowse                                LMP – cut silver paths £640.40

  1. Clemens LMP – cut silver paths £640.40
  2. Prowse Extra unscheduled cut £  00
  3. Clemens Extra unscheduled cut £  00

Audit by Cllrs Scoble, 14th July 2016

Finance Training by Clerk, 12th July 2016


  1. Time and Date of Next Meeting
    7.30pm, Thursday 1st September 2016 at Madron Community Rooms