Chairman Mrs Clare Roberts
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Clerk to the Council
W.E. Wilkins
Tel: 01736 762874
E-mail: [email protected]

Corner Barn
Higher Trevurvas
Helston, TR13 9TZ
Ordinary Meeting of Madron Parish Council
to be held at Trythall CP School
Thursday 1st December 2016, at 7.30pm

Dear Councillor,
You are requested to attend the meeting at the time and date shown above.

W.E. Wilkins, Clerk.

2. Acceptance of Minutes
Ordinary meeting of this council held at Madron Community Rooms on 3rd November
3. Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda
4. Dispensations
5. Public Participation
6. Chairman’s Comments
7. Councillor’s Questions and Comments
(24 hours notice to clerk advisable)
Cllr Tanner – comments on Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document
Cllr Scoble – ex-Cllr Jean Smith.
Cllr Peake – Remembrance Sunday
Cllr Burlton – parking in Trelawney Estate.
Cllr Scoble – fly tipping on Madron Hill in Tregoddick Farm gateway just above
Trehiven and also in gateway opposite Trelan on Nangilos Hill. Clerk has arranged
8. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
9. Planning
Applications (available for inspection from 7pm)
To consider recommendations to all planning applications received by this Council prior to this meeting, including –
PA16/10566 – listed buiding consent for conversion of store to disabled W.C. at The
Garden Cottage, Trengwainton Gardens, Madron
PA16/03177/PREAPP – Planning Performance Agreement for conversion and
extension of Poltair Manor and erection of 12 dwellings at Poltair Hospital, Madron

Other Planning Matters
Cornwall Planning Partnership pre-application planning protocol – resolution
required if this council wishes to adopt pre-applicant agreement, pre-application
protocol and pre-application planning profile. Details to councillors by email.
Comments from councillors attending Planning Training on 17th November 2016
10. Public Rights of Way
11. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Update of instructions from last meeting.
Request for information regarding part of New Mill Commons on land NNE edge of New Mill to the west of disused New Mill Quarry (O/S SW458341SE) This is subject of an application for deregistration of 2.3 acres of common land after purchase. ‘Does Madron Parish Council believe that prior to 1965 this piece of land had or had not been used as a town or village green for lawful sports and pastimes or had been subject to rights of common? Circulated to councillors by email.
14 foot Christmas tree for Landithy Hall and 10 foot Christmas tree for King William 1V pub ordered for the price of £250.00 and £100.00 respectively to be delivered during this week
Cornwall Council Natural Environment – request for Madron Parish Council to consider taking over the grass cutting in St Maddern closed churchyard
Pensions Regulator – acknowledge of contact by clerk to the effect that Madron Parish Council is not an employer under Pensions Act 2008 due to age of clerk.
CALC News Roundup 19 and 20 – circulated to councillors by email
Letter to daughter of ex-councillor Jean Smith re. passing away.
Police Commissioner Devon and Cornwall November Report – circulated to councillors by email.
12. West Penwith Community Network Panel – 17th November 2016
Comments from councillors and clerk attending
13. West Penwith Integrated Care Forum
Report by Cllr Pritchard
14. Proposal to enlarge St Ives Parliamentary Constituency due to Smaller than
Recommended Population by Boundary Commission
Also to rename the Constituency to ‘West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly’
15. Draft Budget for Financial Year 2017-2018
Initial comments on draft prepared by clerk and to consider any new items prior to
final submission for precept at meeting on 5th January 2017
14. Finance
To approve the following accounts for payment –
W.E. Wilkins, Clerk Salary £694.90
Office Allowance £ 30.00
Mileage £ 19.80
Disbursements £ 46.67
HMRC PAYE & Nat. Ins £200.39
Landithy Hall Managers Room hire for meetings £120.00
Contribution to gardener’s
wages and Trimming one side of the hedge on The Green £150.00
SLCC – clerks annual membership £139.00
To consider donation to RBL Poppy Appeal
Arrangements for December Audit.
Cornwall Council estimated costs for contested elections – Madron Ward
£2322.66, Gulval Ward £1920.67. Total £4243.33 to be paid by this council – to be
included in parish budget
15. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 5th January 2017 at Madron Community Rooms