Ordinary Meeting of Madron Parish Council
to be held at Madron Community Rooms
Thursday 7th January 2016, at 7.30pm

Planning Applications Available For Councillors Consultations from 7.00pm

Dear Councillor,
You are requested to attend the meeting at the time and date shown above.

W.E. Wilkins, Clerk.

1. Apologies

2. Acceptance of Minutes
Ordinary meeting held at Trythall CP School on 3rd December 2015

3. Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda

4. Dispensations

5. Public Participation

6. Police Report
Police and Crime Commissioner’s December Report (circulated to councillors by

7. Chairman’s comments

8. Councillor’s Questions and Comments
(24 hours notice to clerk under Standing Order 16(h) advisable)
Cllr Pritchard – Repair to chairman’s chain.

9. Comments from Cornwall Councillors

10. Planning
Applications (available for inspection from 7pm)
To consider recommendations to all planning applications received by this Council prior to this meeting, including –
PA15/10195- to join two barns together via a glass conservatory corridor and convert
into a holiday let at 2 The Retreat, Badgers Cross, Gulval, Penzance.
PA15/11341 – application of reserved matters following outline approval
PA14/09985 dated 19.12.2104: access appearance layout scale at access to Bone
Farm, Heamoor
PREAPP -PA15/03501- pre-application enquiry for the construction of a new two bed
dwelling on land NE of Kenegie Manor Farmhouse, Kenegie Manor, Gulval
PA15/07431 – Retrospective planning application for various matters as discussed at
last meeting in 3rd December at Castle-an-Dinas Quarry, Ludgvan – withdrawn
PA15/08927 – conversion of film studio to form a dwelling (development may affect
a public right of way) at The Studio, Tremearne , Heamoor – refused
PA15/10841 – certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of the building known as
The Cart Shed as a dwelling at The Cart Shed, Resoon, Gulval – granted
Other Planning Matters

11. Public Rights of Way

12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Update of instructions from last meeting.
Andrew George, Cornwall Land Community Trust – ‘Meeting Local Housing Needs in Madron’ letter (circulated to councillors by email)
CALC December newsletter containing comments on Neighbourhood Planning, LMP, etc. (circulated to councillors by email)

13. Neighbourhood Plan
To confirm details of meetings to take place at Trythall and Landithy Hall
To arrange the advertising of meetings

14. Parc Abnac Allotments
To agree the contracts between allotment holders and this council adapted by clerk.
To agree an annual rental fee for allotment holders.

15. Litter bins in Madron
To agree a further 12 months contract for emptying 2 litter bins in Madron with
Cory Environment at £185.12 + vat per annum

16. Finance
To approve the following accounts for payment –
W.E. Wilkins, Clerk Salary £640.61
Office Allowance £ 30.00
Mileage £ 9.90
Disbursements £ 19.21
HMRC PAYE & Nat. Ins £177.20
Cormac Solutions Weed spray, Madron. £930.06
Trevena Cross Nurseries Christmas tree to be confirmed
To approve purchase of rotary trimmer for clerk (previous one, clerk’s personal
property, broken
Audit by Cllrs Scoble and Tanner.

17. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 4th February 2016 at Trythall CP School