Ordinary Meeting of Madron Parish Council
to be held at Madron Community Rooms
Thursday 7th July 2016 at 7.30pm

Dear Councillor,
You are requested to attend the meeting at the time and date shown above.

W.E. Wilkins, Clerk.

1. Apologies
2. Acceptance of Minutes
Ordinary Madron Parish Council Meeting held on 2nd June 2016 at Trythall CP School.
3. Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda
4. Dispensations
5. Public Participation
6. Police Report
7. Chairman’s comments
Twinning meeting (Madron/Mont-Dol) Tuesday 19th July 2016 at 4.30pm (venue tbc)
8. Councillor’s Questions and Comments
(24 hours notice to clerk under Standing Order 16(h) advisable)
Cllr Pritchard – NALC briefing on Bus Service Bill 2016
9. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
10. Planning
Applications (available for inspection from 7pm)
To consider recommendations to all planning applications received by this Council prior to this meeting, including the following: –
PA16/04760 – listed building consent for re-roofing utility lean-to and re-pointing
external walls at Chy-An-Bara, Church Road, Madron.
PA16/01577/PREAPP – pre-application advice for first floor extension above
modern garage at Carfury Barn, Carfury, New Mill
PA16/04968 – single storey extension to existing house at Bythmoy, access to
Nanscowan, New Mill.
PA16/5008 – removal of condition 4 in relation to decision notice W/1/86/P/0222/F
dated 28.2.1986, to allow full occupancy at 15, Old Court Kenegie Manor, Gulval.
PA16/ 03422 – conversion of film studio into a dwelling at The Studio, Tremerne,
Bone Valley, Heamoor – approved.
PA16/02106 and PA16/02737 – variation of condition 7 (holiday occupancy) of
application W/1/78/P/0321 dated 22nd May 1978, to allow full occupancy at Nos. 3
and 4 The Park, Kenegie, Gulval- approved
Other Planning Matters.
Planning applications on adjoining parishes which may affect Madron Parish.
EN13/01515 – enforcement appeal – Lower Bosulval Farm, New Mill. Operational
development – appeal allowed, notice quashed, material change of use – appeal
dismissed, notice varied and upheld. (Details circulated to councillors by email)
PA16/03653 – development of 24 houses at Vingoes Lane, mail from Mark Crosby
addressing comments by this council at the last Madron Parish Council meeting on
2nd June 2016. (circulated to councillors by email).
11. Public Rights of Way
Cllr Tanner – update on aims to open up Ginger Lane.
The Cornwall Council (Bridleway 62, Madron (part) (Castle-an-Dinas Quarry) Public
Path Diversion Order 2016 at land at Castle-an-Dinas Quarry within Madron Parish –
as discussed previously by this council. Any further objections or recommendations
to be made by 18th July 2016.
12. To consider a request for this council to pursue a Modification Order in respect
of the path through Poltair Woods.
Also to consider a letter to Cornwall Council Legal Dept. supporting temporary TPO
at Poltair Woods being made permanent.
13. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Update of instructions from last meeting.
To consider removal of Police Report from future agendas and any police matters to be included in Clerk’s Report.
Madron Wellwishers – circulations in relation to Neighbourhood Plan.
Camborne Town Council – request for support by send various letters of support for Cornwall Council to transfer the freehold of Camborne Recreation Ground in its entirety to Camborne Town Council for community management. (Circulated to councillors by email)
Car in stream at New Mill – update.
North Coast Cluster Group – update of complaint re. LMP and Street Cleaning funding (supported by this council) (circulated to councillors by email)
Cornwall Council Governance Review – 7pm-9pm 19th July 2016 at Acorn Theatre, Penzance. (circulated to councillors by email)
Chairmanship Training, 7pm-9pm, 19th July 2016,Trelawney Suite, New County Hall.
14. Venues for future Madron Parish Council Meetings
To consider changes for future meetings.
15. Defribrillators at Landithy Hall and Trythall CP School.
Updates from AED
16. Madron Council Parish Plan
To consider any changes or future projects.
17. Finance
To approve the following accounts for payment –
W.E. Wilkins, Clerk Salary £681.89
Office Allowance £ 30.00
Mileage £ 9.90
Disbursements £ 2.62
HMRC PAYE & Nat. Ins £170.40
Audana Website annual fee £300.00
N. Prowse LMP -1st cut gold paths £640.41
A. Clemens LMP -1st cut gold paths £640.41
Cllr Scoble – consider a donation towards the repair of the clock on St Maddern
Cllr Scoble – quote of £600 + VAT from M. Pearce for repair to village pump.
SLCC – Finance Training Day – 10am to 3pm Camborne RFC 12th July 2016
18. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 4th August 2016 at Madron Community Rooms (to be confirmed –
see item 13 above)