Ordinary Meeting of Madron Parish Council
to be held at Trythall CP School
Thursday 6th October 2016, at 7.30pm

Dear Councillor,
You are requested to attend the meeting at the time and date shown above.

W.E. Wilkins, Clerk.

1. Apologies
2. Acceptance of Minutes
Ordinary meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on 1st September 2016
3. Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda
4. Dispensations
5. Public Participation
6. Chairman’s Comments
Disclosure of Interest – Landithy Hall Manager.
7. Councillor’s Questions and Comments
(24 hours notice to clerk under Standing Order 16(h) advisable)
8. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
9. Planning
Applications (available for inspection from 7pm)
To consider recommendations to all planning applications received by this Council prior to this meeting, including –
PA16/08567 – application for non-material amendment in relation to application
PA15/0560 (retrospective planning application for conversion of existing attached
garage, store and utility to bedroom with en-suite shower and larger utility room) for
vertical boarding instead of pebble dash to replace the garage door at The Curlews,
PA16/08450 – works to trees subject to a tree preservation order. Re-coppice two or
three sycamores and fell one dead elm at Trevaylor Cottage, Gulval.
PA16/08977 and 08988 – listed building consent for conversion of a domestic storage
outbuilding to a bedroom and en-suite , new roof ing works at Carfury Farm, New Mill
PA16/04760 – listed building consent for re-roofing of utility lean-to and re-pointing
of external walls at Chy-an-Bara, Church Road, Madron – approved
PA16/06520 – lawful development certificate for mobile home at The Cottage,
Boskednan, New Mill – granted
PA15/10487 – proposed conversion of redundant livery stables to provide Nordic
Walkers holiday retreat at land SSW Gorselands, New Mill – refused
PA16/06192 – works to oak tree and felling of sycamore and ash trees at Trevaylor
Mill, Gear Hill, Gulval – approved.
PA16/06601 – change of use of redundant agricultural buildings to an unfettered
dwelling at Middle Carnequidden Barn, New Mill – approved
PA16/02228/PREAPP – pre-application advice for conversion of a barn to a single
dwelling at Trembath, Mill, Penzance – advice given, closed.
Other Planning Matters
10. Public Rights of Way
Cornwall Council LMP review 2017-2018 – addition or removal of paths and stiles,
11. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Update of instructions from last meeting.
Future storage of Parish Council files. (mail from Landithy Hall Managers circulated to councillors by email)
Police and Crime Commissioner’s monthly report – circulated to councillors by email.
Cornwall Council – consultation on ‘flyering’ – free distribution of printed matter.
Cornwall Council consultation on hackney carriage and private driver hire policy review by email to Cllr Pritchard as transport councillor.
Cornwall Council – Final report of the Governance Review External Group (circulated to councillors by email)
Cornwall Council – Special Bulletin, Electoral Review Panel proposal for future size of Cornwall Council. (circulated to councillors by email)
Derek Thomas MP – invitation to meeting at Godolphin Arms, Marazion, 7pm on Thursday 20th October (mainly for the parishes of Penzance, Madron, Ludgvan and Marazion) for update on projects around Mounts Bay including safeguarding shoreline, A.30 road, reintroduction of helicopter services plus other speakers on Penzance Neighbourhood Plan, etc. Details of councillors attending required.
12. Trafalgar Parade and Service, 23rd October 2016 – final arrangements.
Distribution and collection of traffic cones
Parish Councillors attending
13. Twinning – Visit of group from Mont-Dol – 29 October to 1 November2016.
Comments from Cllr Roberts (Twinning Councillor)
14. Finance
To approve the following accounts for payment –
W.E. Wilkins, Clerk Salary £695.10
Office Allowance £ 30.00
Mileage £ 9.90
Disbursements £ 16.92
Trafalgar celebrations Postage £ 66.00
Envelopes £ 8.98
HMRC PAYE & Nat. Ins £200.19
Cllr S. Bates Materials for repairs
To pump and defib.
Cabinets £ 6.95
Grant Thornton Audit £240.00
A. Clemens LMP 2nd cut gold paths £640.00
N. Prowse LMP 2nd cut gold paths £640.00
2 cuts Gold path Trafalgar
Fields as requested £ 50.00
15. Freedom of Information Request for Minutes since Localism Act 2011
(to consider exclusion of press and public on the grounds that it might involve
disclosure of exempt information in accordance with Part 1A Schedule 12 of The
Local Government Act 1972)
16. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 3rd November 2016 at Madron Community Rooms