Annual Parish Council Meeting of Madron Parish Council
to be held at Madron Community Rooms
Thursday 5th May 2016, after Annual Parish Meeting

Dear Councillor,
You are requested to attend the meeting at the time and date shown above.

W.E. Wilkins, Clerk.

1. To elect Chairman
2. To receive acceptance of office of chairman
3. To receive notification of amendments to financial and other interests from councillors
4. To elect vice-chairman
5. Apologies
6. Declaration of interest on items on the agenda
7. Dispensations
8. To appoint councillors with specific responsibilities for: –
a. Footpaths and Public Rights of Way b. Police Liaison
c. Parish Council website d. Health and hospitals
e. Transport f. Waste disposal
g. Planning councillors
h. Two auditing councillors to include risk assessments.
i. Liaison with Playing Field Committee
j. Liaison with Madron Parish/Mont Dol Twinning Committee
k. Trustee to Daniel School Foundation Trust
l. Trustee to Tripconi Trust m. Affordable Housing
n. Routine maintenance throughout the parish o. Older Peoples Forum
p Town and Parish Forum representatives (includes chairman and clerk
q. Press liaison)
Any other appointments as deemed necessary
9. To review the conditions of service of the clerk. (to consider exclusion of press and
public on the grounds that it might involve disclosure of exempt information in
accordance with Part 1A Schedule 12 of Local Government Act 1972)
10 To confirm approved Standing Orders
11. To confirm approved Financial Regulations
12. To confirm three signatories to Barclays Bank Mandate for Madron PC
13. Acceptance of Minutes
Ordinary meeting held at Trythall CP School on 7th April 2016
14. Public Participation
15. Police Report
16. Chairman’s comments
17. Councillor’s Questions and Comments
(24 hours’ notice to clerk under Standing Order 16(h) advisable)
18. Cornwall Councillors Comments
19. Planning
Applications (available for inspection from 7pm)
To consider recommendations to all planning applications received by this Council prior to this meeting. None received at the time of publishing agenda:-
PA16/02106 – variation of condition 7 (holiday occupancy) of application
W1/78/P/0321 dated 22nd May 1978 to allow full occupancy at 3 The Park, Kenegie
Manor, Gulval.
PA16/02737 – variation of condition 7 (holiday occupancy) of application
W1/78/P/0321 dated 22nd May 1978 to allow full occupancy at 4 The Park, Kenegie
Manor, Gulval
PA16 – (planning officer anticipates this application to be registered prior to this
meeting) – livestock building to house dairy animals at Trengwainton Farm,
Madron.(See PA16/00612 PREAPP)
PA16/02153 – flat roof extension to the east with balcony deck over at Badgers Lodge,
B3311 between Badgers Cross and Tregassack Hill – approved
Other Planning Matters
PA15/05392 – construction of annexe at Monterey, Madron. Notice of appeal against
refusal of planning permission. Any further comments to be made by 10th May 2016.
20. Public Rights of Way
To consider adding footpath 104/1/1 from Trafalgar Fields to Hillside Parc in Madron
to list for cutting and if agreed to obtain a quote for the work.
21. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Update of instructions from the meeting on 7th April 2016.
Weed spraying on roads in Madron Village.
22. Parc Abnac Allotments
Update – information for allotment holders.
23. Defibrillators at Landithy Hall and Trythall School.
Update from AED concerning first signs of rust on cabinets.
24. Neighbourhood Plan for Madron Parish
Report from public meetings on 14th April at Madron and 21st April at Trythall
25. Finance
To approve the accounts for the financial year 2015-2016. (circulated to councillors by email and hard copies)
VAT return for financial year 2015-2016
To approve the following accounts for payment –
W.E. Wilkins, Clerk Salary £640.41
Office Allowance £ 30.00
Mileage £ 42.30
Disbursements £ 83.95
HMRC PAYE & Nat. Ins £177.20
DJL Gallie Internal Audit, etc. £120.00
Aon Insurance Parish Insurance £267.29
Complete Weed Control 1st treatment Madron £144.00
CALC Annual subscription £453.49
26. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 2nd June 2016 at Trythall CP School