Madron Daniel School (St Maddern)

St. Maddern’s School was founded in 1704 by George Daniel, a Penzance businessman, as the Free School of Madron. It was founded in order to provide a sound and caring education for local children. His endowment and that legacy continue today – nowadays under the stewardship of a Board of Trustees – who continue to support the development of the school environment and resources.
Since its foundation the school has been replaced by a new and improved building in 1847. The rebuilding process has continued over the years, with a major development in 1968 and the current modernization project, which commenced in 2005.
Our rural village school is located in an idyllic position, in a lovely village on the edge of the moor, overlooking the whole of Mount’s Bay and St. Michael’s Mount. Our small class sizes means that children are able to have individualised learning within the classroom. Our field, adjoining one of the play areas, has added a wonderful outdoor learning environment, enhancing our scientific and geographical opportunities as well as providing a superb space for sports and games.
We are a very well-resourced school with children being given the opportunity to play keyboards and brass instruments and have a specialist music and drama teachers who come in weekly. Our ICT facilities equip our children for the 21 century and children use laptops and iPads to help with their learning. Using our school minibus, we are able to facilitate a wide variety of learning opportunities within our surrounding environment.
We have recently opened a pre-school which gives children a wonderful opportunity to become part of the school family from an early age as well as giving them a really good foundation for their future learning.