Madron Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 26/05/2016

Chairman: Councillor Mrs Clare Roberts
Website –

Clerk to the Council: Corner Barn
Higher Trevurvas
Mr W. E. Wilkins Ashton
Tel: 01736.762874 Cornwall
Email: TR13 9TZ


This your last chance to be involved in the future of Madron and New Mill areas.


Meeting at Landithy Hall at 7pm on Thursday 26th May 2016

Two meetings have been held, one at Trythall School and one at Landithy Hall, Madron to consider the involvement of residents in a Neighbourhood plan for the parish and the above meeting is to put interested people together from both sides of the parish.

This is an opportunity for the local people to determine the future of planning, housing and services in the parish. The Neighbourhood Plan moves these plans away from formalities and is controlled by the public who will supply a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee to organise volunteers.

The Parish Council will be available to advise and put you in contact with people and services that will help where necessary.

This is your opportunity to be involved but there must be sufficient volunteers for this to work and if there is insufficient support the scheme will not get off the ground.

It is all down to you!!!

Wib Wilkins
Clerk to Madron Parish Council.

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