Madron Parish Neighbourhood Plan June 2016

Chairman: Councillor Mrs Clare Roberts
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Clerk to the Council: Corner Barn
Higher Trevurvas
Mr W. E. Wilkins Ashton
Tel: 01736.762874 Cornwall
Email: TR13 9TZ


Madron Parish Council has given the opportunity for residents in the parish to attend meetings to explain the purpose and involvement required to establish a Neighbourhood Plan for Madron Parish. Meetings have been held at Landithy Hall for Madron residents, Trythall School for residents from the New Mill area and finally at Landithy Hall again for all people from the area to come together with ideas and proposals. All were well advertised on five notice boards throughout the parish, website and The Cornishman newspaper.

The government policy in terms of a Neighbourhood Plan is for local people to have a say in the future development of their area, the need for facilities and importantly the areas that need to be protected from any future developments. Plans would have to be the responsibility of the public with any guidance from the Parish Council in relation to providing contacts for advice, government policies, legalities, etc. The Plan would have to have its own chairman and officers and a committee, all to be volunteers with an interest in where they live.

Four members of the public attended the first meeting at Landithy, 14 at Trythall, and at the final meeting to combine interests from both side of the parish only 3 attended. Sadly these numbers showed councillors who were present at the meetings that there was insufficient interest to go ahead with any schemes.

This is very sad when there is a huge prospect of problems for Madron particularly, and to a lesser degree for New Mill. The government want over 50,000 new houses in Cornwall and there are already considerations being given to our knowledge for a large development of new housing at the old Poltair Hospital site and Josephs Lane and we are sure there are more being considered in the pipeline. There is big fear that Madron will join, and become a part of Heamoor, and who knows if a new housing estate could be constructed in New Mill. If this happens how would it affect facilities such as schools and transport? There are already big concerns about parking in Madron and there is an application going through the system for a further 24 houses in Vingoes Lane which could increase the problem. The lack of bus services are a current problem and with a larger population and restrictions on finance for transport services the question is how residents will cope? Other consideration will include schooling and other facilities which will be required. The character of the whole parish could change.

It is sadly disappointing that residents did not consider these important problems a matter for themselves and they have elected to just pass it on to the authorities without putting forward their views which if done properly would have a huge influence as to what happens where you live. It is a chance lost at this stage!!! However the Parish Council may decide to resurrect this in the autumn for you to protect your environment.

Wib Wilkins, clerk, on behalf of Madron Parish Councillors.

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