Madron Parish Neighbourhood Plan Public Meetings 2016

Chairman: Councillor Mrs Clare Roberts
Website –

Clerk to the Council: Corner Barn
Higher Trevurvas
Mr W. E. Wilkins Ashton
Tel: 01736.762874 Cornwall
Email: TR13 9TZ


The government wish local people to take more responsibility for their own communities and this particularly applies to housing and local amenities.

This means that people are invited to come together to decide what suits them in terms of development. This means that housing can be built in areas to suit local people and also look at amenities required and where they will be sited.

This means that local people will have what they want and not have matters thrust onto them which are against local interests.

Parish Councils have the opportunity to contact local people and call meetings to see if people are willing to support and be involved in the organisation of this process. It is important that whilst the Parish Council will call meetings to gauge interest they will not be involved themselves, but chairman, secretary and organising committee members will come from residents of the parish in order to keep this away from previous formal decision making. There will be advice available in order to stay within obvious guidelines.

Madron Parish Council are arranging meetings at 7.30pm on 14th April at Landithy Hall and on 21st April 2016 at Trythall School to see if the people of Madron, New Mill and other parts of the parish are prepared to be involved in organising this Neighbourhood plan. Please make a note of these dates and watch out for more details nearer the time. This is your chance to decide on the future of your area.

Wib Wilkins

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