Madron Parish Well Wishers
In 2014, it was established that there was a
need of some kind of Residents’ Association in
Madron, in the hope of encouraging community
cohesion which was virtually non-existent. A
committee was formed but no one cared for the title
of yet another Residents’ Association which was
really “old hat”. However, one member was painting
the outside of her property when, thinking about
everything and nothing, she devised the brilliant idea
that we should call ourselves Madron Well Wishers,
in honour of the ancient well in the parish. Everyone
involved was so excited with this unique title – and
you might say that the rest is history!
One of our first events was the “Make A Wish”, when residents were invited to take a free
cup of coffee and to write down their most heartfelt wishes for improvements in the village. The
most popular took a number of years to become a reality but the installation of a bus shelter at
Trelawney was welcomed by many people, some of whom even thanked us for our determination in
making that happen.
We have achieved much in the village since our inception but perhaps the greatest, and the
one of which we are most proud, is the serving of Free Lunches on every second month. We have a
small committee, each member of which really does pull his or her weight; all the food is cooked in
our homes and we have some fifty patrons who support us on every occasion when their personal
calendars permit. One can tell by the level of conversation at the meals that we have really hit this
nail on the head. The Wishers are most grateful to the Methodist Church for allowing us to serve
lunches in the Sunday School Room and we are proud that we have extended the range of crockery
and cutlery, etc., which is available for use by everyone who uses the room.
In the village, we have provided smart notice boards which are used extensively to advertise
community events. We also produce a quarterly magazine which is printed professionally and which
is delivered to every house in the village.
Find us on Facebook or contact Madge Christopher at [email protected]