THURSDAY 5th APRIL 2012 AT 7.15pm

Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (vice chairman) Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin
Cllr Miss M. Christopher Cllr. S. Bates
Cllr V. Peake Cllr C. Bone
Cllr I. Philips Cllr R. Mann

Cornwall Cllrs W.Maddern and Miss I. Bailey.

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and seven members of the public

Cllrs S. Pritchard, M. Scoble, D. Westlake and R. Matthews, PC Thomas, PCSOs Taylor and Nichols. Clerk reported that Cllr Pritchard was incapacitated as a result of his knee operation, Cllr Westlake had family commitments and Cllrs Scoble and Matthews were involved in Maundy Thursday Church services.
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on 1st March 2012 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cornwall Cllrs Bailey and Maddern – item 10, Planning – all applications as Cornwall Councillors
4. Superfast Broadband
Clerk reported that due to the absence of some councillors who had asked for this presentation it had been agreed that Mr Silver will attend a later meeting to give his presentation.
5. Public Participation
Mr Graham Tanner stated that he was present to hear the update in relation to caravans at Demelza Farm
Sarah Weans (with Mr Cook) introduced herself as the applicant for PA12/01414 applying for change of use and conversion of a studio workshop to create self-contained annex accommodation at Hellangove Barton. She informed members that she was available for questions if required.
Mr Peter Norman and the Rev Peter Burlton commented on the same application. They made objections on the grounds of the intrusion on their privacy as the new construction would overlook their properties and concerns over the extra drainage and access to pipes which takes water away from their properties as it flows from the nearby quarry and a spring in the garden.


6. Police Report
In the absence of police officers the clerk read out the police report for March 2012. There were two crimes in the month compared to 5 reported in March last year. AP12/528 refers to a garden gate being damaged at a dwelling house in Madron where the offender was dealt with by Restorative Justice and AP12/648 refers to damage to a car parked in an isolated lay-by near to New Mill.
7. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Roberts was chairman for the meeting as Cllr Pritchard was unable to attend due to a recent operation on his knee.
Cllr Roberts informed members that Ros Hibbert had resigned as caretaker to Trythall School and Cllr Roberts proposed that the clerk should write to her thanking her for all her help given to this council over the years and wishing her all the best for her future. This was approved by the meeting.
8. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Bates was concerned that ‘First’ buses turned round at the top of Madron Village by reversing into Trelawney Estate. There was no assistance to guide the drivers and the buses regularly reversed over the verge and collided with a fire hydrant. Clerk to contact ‘First’ regarding this concern.
9. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cornwall Cllr Maddern had assisted Cllr Christopher who had received a complaint from a member of the public alleging that he had reported a complaint of damage to Penzance Police and this had not been recorded. It was also alleged that the complainant in this matter had called at the police station in Penzance and had been told to report this matter by telephone. Cornwall Cllr Maddern had been in contact with the Police Inspector at Penzance but the Inspector could find no record of the crime or the visit to the police station and so no further action was possible. However any further complaints from the public to councillors will be seriously considered and this is now recorded for future reference.
10. Planning
As there were no large concerns about the applications at the time the agenda was published the planning advisory panel did not meet this month.
PA12/01414 – change of use and conversion of a studio workshop to create a self-contained annex accommodation at Hellangove Barton, Gulval – objection by councillors on the grounds of intrusion on neighbours privacy and concerns regarding the drainage and access to drainage pipes.
PA12/02070 – extension to bungalow at Moorvue Farm, Great Bosullow – supported
PA12/02906 – fell one macrocarpus tree at The Old Vicarage, Church Road, Madron. Clerk informed members that this council was informed of this for information and no comment was required.
Clerk reported that the following application was received on 31st March after the agenda had been published.
PA12/01701 – construction of a single storey extension to existing coach house, to form larger day space and snoozelen/office at The Coach House, Trevaylor Manor. – supported.
Clerk reported that he had been contacted by planning officers as to why there had been no response from this council to PA12/00732 – construction of a porch and single storey extension with accommodation in roof at Nanscowan Barn at New Mill. This was registered in January but clerk pointed out that the plans had never been sent out to him. In addition to this the applicants have now been in contact with the clerk expressing their concerns that the delay by the planning officers was ‘unprofessional’ and Clerk agreed to put this application before this meeting if the plans could be forwarded to him. The planning officer agreed to forward the plans to be sent by special delivery to the clerk to arrive before 1pm on the day of this meeting. Clerk wished to add more to this in ‘Other Planning Matters’. Councillors agreed to give the application their support.


PA12/00986 – installation of green metal telecommunication modular cabinet at The Little House, Gulval – approved
PA12/01515 – replacement conservatory at Lower Cranken, New Mill – approved
PA12/02083 – erection of replacement extension and rear doors (non-material amendment to PA11/04739, to change door and window materials to uPVC) at The Old Barn, New Mill– approved.
Other Planning Matters
Clerk has circulated on the day of the last meeting the reply from CALC relating to a request for consideration to be given to extending times for responses to planning applications. It appears that any further changes in present policy will be difficult to achieve but Cornwall Cllr Maddern informed the meeting that Cornwall Cllrs had agreed with the concerns of this council and a ‘turn around’ time of four weeks was being considered.
In relation to the caravans at Demelza Farm, clerk reported that a planning application has been submitted but the paperwork is not in order with a large amount of information not included. The application was therefore sent back for re-submission and this should have arrived by 4th April, but has not arrived. The planning officers have informed the clerk that they must write again to give the applicant another chance. Clerk has asked for all correspondence to be copied to Sally Brown in Planning Enforcement as this property is the subject of Enforcement enquiries relating to the removal of caravans from the site. Clerk cannot do more at this stage but will follow the matter up in late April as local residents have been in contact with him and wish to be present when this application is considered by this council to register their objections.
CPRE have written to register their comments concerning changes in planning laws in the national planning policy and this has been circulated to members.
Clerk has circulated to members details of planning training for the forthcoming year and any member wishing to attend any sessions should contact the clerk.
Clerk pointed out to members that in the last two months he has had to go to Camborne to collect plans which should have been sent out, he had received plans which had been sent to Penzance Town Council in error and now had to deal with the application discussed today where plans had not been sent to him. It was unanimously agreed by councillors and Cornwall Councillors that the clerk should send a letter of complaint to Cornwall Council Planning Department as this series of errors is unacceptable.
11. Public Rights of Way
Cornwall Council has made an order under S.119 of the Highways Act 1980 for a public path diversion on footpath 40 at Bodrifty Farm and Bodrifty Vean. Cllr Westlake has informed the clerk that there was no inconvenience caused to walkers and no comments were required.
Clerk has circulated to members an email from Cornwall Countryside Access Forum in which they wish to recruit 5 new members – noted.
12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions from the last meeting had been completed with the exception of a letter to Alec Robertson, leader of Cornwall Council relating to his promise to come back to Penzance after 6 months from his meeting at St Johns Hall on 26th July 2011 to report on progress to his promises at that meeting. After discussions it was agreed that Cllr Robertson had been meeting councillors who wished to discuss matters with him regularly through ‘Cornwall Conversations and so there was no need for this letter.
CALC ‘This Week’ issues 07, 08, 09 and 10 had been circulated to councillors by email.
Details from Cornwall Historic and Environmental Service regarding the listing of a milestone 110 meters north east of Bosullow has also been circulated to councillors by email.
Cornwall Localism newsletter of 5th March has also been circulated to councillors by email.
Cornwall Council Engineering Design Group will no longer issue paper copies of consultations including traffic consultations as these are available on their website.


Cornwall Council Leader’s messages dated 12th, 16th and 23rd March and 2nd
April have also been circulated to councillors by email.
Cornwall Leisure Services holiday activities programme for children 11 to 16 are available on www.cornwall.gov.uk/outdooractivity
The email from ‘First’ concerning changes to their bus services has also been circulated to councillors by email
Four Lanes (Redruth) Projects Group ask for used stamps to be forwarded to Tommy Bray, 2 The Square, Four Lanes, Redruth, TR16 6PZ, for Sunshine Fund for Blind Children and posters have been forwarded to councillors to attach to boards
Clerk advised members that the first week in June will be a busy time with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations taking place over the weekend to the Tuesday and The Royal Cornwall Show starts on the Thursday. He has consulted the chairman and vice-chairman and it was agreed that the June meeting should take place on Thursday 31st May 2012 to avoid clashes.
Details of the new rubbish collection collectors’ arrangements have been circulated on 4th April by email and this has in turn been emailed to councillors for information.
13. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Col. Edward Bolitho informing members that he would not be available to attend the beacon lighting for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Madron Parish.
Clerk informed members that he had received 108 celebration mugs from the suppliers. He is in the process of distributing them and there are 10 mugs left over. £112 has been received from sales of the mugs in addition to the mugs donated to Trythall and St Maddern Schools and other children resident in the parish of the appropriate age. Anyone wishing to purchase any of the remaining mugs should contact the clerk.
Updates regarding the beacon will be given at the next meetings
14 Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund
Clerk reported that he had invoiced Cornwall Council and received £5,000.00 for projects during 2012-2013. He had also forwarded notices to the appropriate councillors for the notice boards and he asked councillors to make local organisations aware of the available grant.
He had asked for details of any project with costings to be forwarded to him by 25th April in order that they will be available for the councillors to make their decisions at the meeting on 3rd May 2012. To date he has received preliminary requests for grants from Gulval Cricket Club and Landithy Hall Managers.
15. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Bone, and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be approved – W.E. Wilkins, clerk, salary £433.65, office allowance £30.00, mileage £37.50, disbursements £16.85; HMRC, PAYE for clerk £108.40;
Clerk informed members that he had purchased postage stamps to the value of £102 as requested from the last meeting and he had been reimbursed. These will be brought into use when the new prices of stamps are implemented.
Clerk has also prepared the end of the year accounts and they are ready for audit. He is arranging for Cllrs Westlake and Roberts to do their audit and Mr Gallie, as internal auditor, will follow this so that all can be circulated to councillors and put before the meeting on 3rd May for councillors to approve before being forwarded to the Audit Commission.
16. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.15pm on Thursday 3rd May 2012 at Madron Community Rooms Annual Parish Meeting followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting.