THURSDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2015 AT 7.30pm
Draft to be approved on 5th March 2015
Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (chairman) Cllr V. Peake (vice chairman)
Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin Cllr Mrs G. Burlton
Cllr H. Eddy Cllr S. Pritchard Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr C. Bone
Cllr G. Tanner Cllr I. Phillips

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and two members of the public

Cornwall Cllrs Mann and Maddern, Cllr Matthews
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on 8th January 2015 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Roberts – item 10 Planning – PA14/12176 at Trye Farm, New Mill as an applicant.
4. Dispensations
5.. Public Participation
Mr Ken Wood reported that two cars had left the road at Carfury due to icy conditions and he asked if the council could provide a grit bin at that location. The problems at this location are the road is in a bowl with hills on both sides and high hedges which prevent the sun shining on the road surface. There are in the region of twenty houses in the area with people affected by the icy road and there will be willing hands to spread the grit if it is available in a bin. Councillors agreed that it is too late for this council to consider purchasing a bin and clerk was instructed to contact Cormac asking if they could provide either a new or old bin. In the meantime Mr Wood was invited to contact Landithy Hall Caretaker who had a store of grit in bags provided by this council and arrange for some to be transported to Carfury..
Mrs Richings asked the council to consider a similar problem at Gear Hill and review other places in New Mill area. Councillors agreed that this should be considered next autumn in preparation for next winter.
6. Police Report
In the absence of a police officer the police report for January 2015 was given by the clerk.
No crimes were reported in the parish in January compared to one in January 2014
The Police and Crime Plan for 2015 -2016 has been received from The Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and this has been circulated to councillors by email and comments are invited.


Cllr Pritchard, as the police liaison councillor for this council, has circulated his views by email to councillors and he feels that the PCC is intending to reduce police numbers but retain the same number of PCSOs. He would have expected them to retain police numbers as opposed to poorly trained PCSOs. If they did away with PCSOs they could increase police numbers by at least 150 police officers thus off-setting any possible cuts. Police Officers hold office under the Crown and have extensive powers under that office and are highly trained unlike the newly invented post of PCSO. This was put to the meeting and it was proposed by Cllr Pritchard, seconded by Cllr Peake and unanimously agreed that the clerk should respond to the Police and Crime Commissioner to this effect
7. Chairman’s Comments
8. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Phillips reported that there are two sets of travellers on the area of waste land owned and used by Cornwall Council and Cormac between Badgers Cross and Gulval Cricket Club. There is a large van and several cars at this location. One van has been there for a long time and the second containing four men and a woman has arrived recently. Clerk was instructed to write to Cormac advising them of the problem. .
Cllr Phillips also has concerns that vehicles were still parking at Badgers Cross in spite of recent police and DVLA officers taking action. Cllr Pritchard agreed to visit the area on the day after the meeting and check on the vehicles and advise the police if necessary.
Cllr Scoble asked the clerk to check to find the result of a planning application which came before this council in November as there is no record of the decision by Cornwall Council..
9. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Clerk reported that Cornwall Cllr Mann has offered to pay £500 from his Community Chest towards the costs of a defibrillator – one of the defibrillators is at Trythall which is on Cllr Mann’s Gulval Ward. The clerk has obtained the necessary forms and these will be submitted in the next few days. He has also been in contact with Cornwall Cllr Maddern who has £230 left in his Community Chest which has been earmarked for Pengarth and if that has not been forwarded he will defer it to this council in lieu of the defibrillator at Landithy Hall,.
10. Planning
PA14/12176 – construction of a farm track at Trye Farm, New Mill (Cllr Roberts declared an interest, left the room and Cllr Peake took over the chair) – supported
PA15/000411- certificate of lawfulness for the construction of three timber framed buildings of agricultural appearance that have been used as a studio (largest),, workshop and pottery shed (smallest) on land at the Old Carthouse, Trezelah – supported with the exception of Cllr Phillips who objected
PA15/00775 – conversion of a previously approved barn conversion to form a single dwelling house at access track from Carnaquidden Farm to Higher Conquer Farm at New Mill.
Previous applications PA14/08274 and PA14/04961 were supported by this council in October and August 2014 respectively – .application supported
PA14/11715 – demolition of rear porch, erection of a replacement porch on a reduced footprint with roof line to match existing extension at Bosulval Farmhouse, New Mill – approved
PA14/10957 –oak framed storm porch with slate roof at Bythmoy Barn, New Mill – approved
PA14/11466 and PA14/11467 – listed building consent for internal ground floor alterations to both Trevaylor Manor and the Coach House, construction of a glazed link between the two buildings at Trevaylor Manor Nursing Home, Gulval – approved
PA14/10959 – alterations and extensions to the Mill House and Duck House to form one dwelling and one holiday let at land ESE of Rosemorron Farm, Gulval – approved
Other Planning Matters
Cornwall Council – views sought in relation to the draft renewable energy supplementary planning document – consultation finishes on 27th March (circulated to councillors by email) – noted


Local Government Ombudsman – ‘Not in my Back Yard’ –‘ local people and the planning process’.. Focus Report – learning lessons from complaints (circulated to councillors by email for information) – noted
11. Public Rights of Way
Cllr Tanner gave a report on progress in the reopening and access to footpath 24 as a result of his liaison with Bolitho Estates and PAROW. He was having a further meeting with PAROW on 11th February to consider assistance with the cutting and costs involved. A letter has been sent to Bolitho Estates regarding the access to the footpath and the placing of permissive footpath signs and he will report back to the next meeting.
12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that instructions from the last meeting have been completed.
Cornwall Council Energy Plus – press release relating to cheaper electricity deals – people to register before 1st March 2015 – has been circulated by email to councillors – noted
CPRE Cornwall – Housing in Cornwall Report (Part 4) has been circulated by email to councillors – noted
Cornwall Council – Draft Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Document Consultation open until 27.3.15. Details available at One Stop Shops, libraries and www.cornwall.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=24073 Clerk had a disc with full details should anyone wish to study the matter – noted.
CALC have organised an Audit and Finance Conference from 9.30am to 4pm on 2nd April 2015 at St Erme Community Centre covering Local Council Audit, Social Media and Risk Management and Transparency Codes for Local Council which are mandatory. The cost is £35 per delegate per council plus VAT with a discount of 15% for 3 delegates from one council. Cllrs.Tanner and Scoble as auditing councillors and Cllr Pritchard as risk assessment adviser together with the clerk have agreed to attend and it was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Peake and unanimously agreed that this council will cover the costs involved. Clerk to make the necessary arrangements with CALC.
CALC ‘This Week’ of 30th January has been circulated to councillors by email.
West Cornwall Health Watch AGM will take place at 7pm on Friday 6th March 2015 at Committee Room One at St Clare. Details have been circulated to Cllrs Jenkin and Pritchard as Health Councillors but the invitation is open to all councillors.
13. Twinning with Mont Dol – update
Arrangements are in hand for the meeting to be held at Landithy Hall at 7.30pm on 11th February. Clerk has contacted all interested parties as agreed at the January meeting inviting them to attend. Cllr Pritchard will be unable to attend the meeting on 11th February due to a family commitment and Cllr Peake agreed to chair the meeting. Clerk was instructed to draw up and agenda for the meeting to show election of a chairman and secretary to a twinning committee, the constitution of the committee and items of interest.
14. West Cornwall Community Forum – 22nd January 2015
Cllrs Roberts, Scoble and the clerk attended this forum. The forum endorsed the fact that now there are no restrictions on the number of councillors attending under the new constitution
Madron councillors had put forward the view that there should be more emphasis on items affecting all councils in order to pass information backwards and forwards. The meeting felt that the next forum could include items such as twinning, highways, grit bins and policing. If councillors had any further thoughts they are requested to contact the clerk.
15. Parc Abnac Allotments – update
Clerk has contacted Cornwall Council concerning responsibility for rules and restrictions and also the legalities involved in the transfer of ownership. Also to determine that Cornwall Council will pay for any costs incurred. Cornwall Council has responded to this by agreeing to pay their own costs and contribute up to £500 towards the costs incurred by the parish. Clerk asked for some idea of the cost involved for the parish but the reply was unhelpful. He then asked Cllr Pritchard to check with Codes Solicitors and that company will appoint Helen Willetts to handle this and the cost is anticipated to be £500 plus VAT.


Clerk was instructed to mail Cornwall Council to ensure that they will pay this sum and subject to this it was unanimously agreed in principal to go ahead in taking over the ownership and responsibility for the allotments
Clerk has also contacted Aon Insurance and the indemnity clause in the Parish Council Insurance is sufficient cover for the council but allotment holders are responsible for their own insurance. Cllr Pritchard has inspected the allotments and they are in good order.
16. Weed Spraying in Madron – update
Clerk has contacted Cormac and asked if they would be prepared to accept £500 for the work in Madron as opposed to the £776 quoted. They adamantly refused to lower their price as they say it would not be viable for them to do so and it would create a precedent if they started bargaining with councils. Clerk brought this up at the West Penwith Forum and the councils who have discussed this have all agreed to deal with Cormac as they feel that this is a specialist work which they are trained to do. It is extremely difficult to find anyone who is able and prepared to do this work. They also advised that there are dangers in having a contractor who is not fully qualified as if anything goes wrong the council employing the contractor could be involved in any compensation claim. Cormac will make two applications in 2015, one in the spring and one in the autumn. It was proposed by Cllr Bone, seconded by Cllr Scoble and unanimously agreed that this quotation be accepted
17. New Mill Sign Posts
Cllr Peake reported on the state of various signs in the New Mill area. It appears that there are still signs in possession of Cormac and the clerk was instructed to make contact to have them returned and erected. He was also instructed to write to Cornwall Council enquiring about the legalities of this council paying for and erecting signs where they are needed. Cllr Tanner felt that we should have a programme to go ahead with this work if we are allowed.
18. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Burlton and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: – W.E. Wilkins salary £619.93, office allowance £30.00, mileage £29.70, petty cash £49.07; HMRC – PAYE and Nat. Ins. £170.45; Midland Safety Training Ltd for defibrillators £3600.00 (includes £600 reclaimable VAT); Cory Environmental for annual cost of emptying the two new bins in Madron Village on a fortnightly basis £203.40 which includes VAT
Clerk reported that he had today received a request for financial assistance from Pengarth Day Centre towards a dish washer which will cost in the region of £2000. The Centre provides meals for attendees and Meals on Wheels Service. The manager has been contacted and informed that this will be deferred until the meeting in March. In view of this Cllr Pritchard proposed that we should contact Cornwall Cllr Maddern and ask him to forward the balance in his Community Chest to Pengarth Day Centre as their need was greater than this council at this time. This was seconded by Cllr Burlton and unanimously agreed and clerk was instructed to make the contact.
19. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 5th March at Madron Community Rooms