THURSDAY 1st MARCH 2012 AT 7.30pm

Cllr S. Pritchard (chairman) Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (vice chairman)
Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin Cllr Miss M. Christopher
Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr D. Westlake
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr C. Bone
Cllr S. Bates Cllr V. Peake
Cllr I. Phillips

Cornwall Cllrs W.Maddern and Miss I. Bailey.

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and three members of the public

Cllr R. Mann, PC Thomas, PCSOs Taylor and Nicholas
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Trythall CP School on 2nd February 2012 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cornwall Cllrs Bailey and Maddern – item 9, all planning applications as Cornwall Councillors.
Cllr Matthews – item 9 Planning, PA12/00426 conversion and extension to former stable to form a self-contained annex at Boscrowan Farm, Heamoor as a neighbour
Cllr Bates – item 14 Finance as a member of King George V Playing Field Committee
Cllr Pritchard – item 14 Finance as a member of West Cornwall Community Bus Association committee.
Cllr Jenkin – item 14 Finance as involved in organisation of Churches Together in Penzance Food Bank
Cllrs Scoble, Pritchard and Matthews – item 14 Finance relating to payment for cutting hedge between The Green and The Memorial Garden as Landithy Hall Managers
4. Public Participation
Peggy Rickaby addressed members concerning a planning application at The Old Stables at Mulfra (see PA12/01014 in item 9). She explained the detail of the application and how it was designed for use of the family at The Old Stables. She was supported by Mr Bond, the applicant, who explained to members that there was a need for accommodation for his family and there is no question of any commercial or other use.
Clerk informed members that this application had been lodged with Planning at Camborne on 2nd February and he had contacted that office on 20th February as this application had not been received by him at that time. Eventually on the afternoon of this meeting, the plans were finally made available for the clerk to collect from Camborne.


Clerk added that the late arrival of PA12/01209 relating to The Old Coach House at Trevaylor Manor was due to the plans being sent to Penzance Town Council in error and had only been received by the clerk on the day of this meeting,
5. Police Report
In the absence of police officers, clerk gave the police report for February. There have been four reported crimes as opposed to three in the corresponding month last year. On 20th February criminal damage was caused to a dwelling in Madron where a window was broken and a male has been arrested in connection with this offence. Also on 20th February a wooden shed was set alight at Tremethick Cross. Enquiries are continuing into this but at this time it is to be determined whether this is an electrical fault or arson, On 21st February eggs were thrown at a window, which broke, in Madron. It is known where the eggs were obtained from but no other incidents have been reported. Between 21st and 28th February an insecure shed at Tremethick Cross was entered and a pedal cycle was stolen. Cllr Christopher informed members that she understood that there had been another offence of criminal damage to a car which was not on the list. She was asked to go back to the complainant and advise him to go to the police station and obtain a crime reference number so that there was a true reflection in the crime figures.
6. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Pritchard reported that he had chaired a Rural Transport Forum on 23rd February. This was mainly geared to rail services and had been a very successful year with an increase of 14.7% in passengers on the community rail lines which was extremely encouraging. A £450k scheme for the refurbishment of Penzance Railway Station is out for tender at the moment. This will provide a better entrance, enlarged public toilets, and improved lighting and waiting area. Cornwall Council also intends to install a taxi waiting shelter outside the station and Network Rail has a programme of maintenance and improvements to the train shed roof, etc.
7. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Scoble reported that the road along Bellair Road in Madron has been resurfaced but it is unsatisfactory as the stones are coming away and the surface has sunk in places. Clerk to inform Highways
Cllr Westlake was concerned about two large rocks in the road where the road has been recently resurfaced in Gear Hill. He feels that this is a danger to cyclists and also likely to cause damage to vehicles. Clerk was instructed to contact Highways as this is dangerous and the rocks need to be cut down or removed. Cllr Westlake also commented on the amount of time and expense used in patching a rarely used road to a farm from Trythall Cross Roads.
Cllr Bone reported that the verges alongside the road from Carn Hill to Wishing Well turn were in need of cutting back and clerk was again required to inform Highways.
There were general concerns about the highways in Madron Parish and Cornwall Cllr Maddern was of the opinion that these are in a worse state than other roads in his ward of West Penwith. Clerk to report these feelings to Highways for the attention of the Highways Steward.
8. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cornwall Cllr Maddern thanked Cllr Christopher for bringing to his notice a letter from a Cornwall Council officer to an elderly couple which suggested that there may be a future need to compulsory purchase a field owned by them. This letter should not have been sent out and Cornwall Cllr Maddern has reassured the old couple and also complained to the sender.
Cornwall Cllr Bailey informed the meeting that the new re-cycling scheme will become operational on 1st April 2012.
9. Planning
(Cornwall Cllrs Bailey and Maddern declared interests) Clerk reported that the Planning Advisory Panel had not met this month as there appeared to be no complications in relation to applications at the time the agenda was published.


PA12/00934 – repointing of arch barrels, abutment walls, spandrel walls and parapet walls at Newbridge, Sancreed – supported
PA12/00986 – installation of green telecommunications modular cabinet at The Little House, Gulval – supported
PA12/00426 – conversion and extension of former stable to form a self-contained annex at Boscrowan,Farm, Heamoor (Cllr Matthews declared an interest) – supported
PA12/01515 – replacement conservatory at Lower Crankan, New Mill – supported
PA12/01209 – construction of a single-storey extension to existing coach house to form larger day space and snoozelen/office, at The Coach House, Trevaylor Manor, Gulval – supported.
PA12/01014 – completion of and minor alterations to a domestic outbuilding to allow part of the building to be used as ancillary accommodation at The Old Stables, Mulfra. A discussion took place in relation to this application which resulted in Cllr Bates proposing that the application be supported and this proposal was seconded by Cllr Jenkin and carried by 8 votes to 2.
PA11/08477 and PA12/10056 – (listed building) formation of annex to form ancillary accommodation at Lower Boskenning Farm, Heamoor – approved
PA11/10554 and PA11/10555 – (listed building) erection of porch to front elevation and erection of detached domestic garage at Mill House, New Mill – approved
PA11/09175 – change of use of land and camping license for 30-35 pitches for tents only, lifting of restriction for 28 days camping, erection of an agricultural storage building, 4-5 yurts, 6 tree bog type compost toilets, 2 poly tunnels, 2 carbon neutral bath houses and kitchen areas, widening of gateway and manager’s accommodation on land at New Mill Road, Penzance – withdrawn.
PA11/08228 – conversion of redundant agricultural barn into a dwelling at Bythomy, New Mill – approved
PA12/00112 – erection of an extension to an agricultural implement store and workshop at Moor View Farm, Great Bosullow – prior approval not required.
PA11/10146 – erection of detached ancillary building at Pendragon, New Mill – approved.
Other Planning Matters
With reference to PA11/10146 above, clerk reported that he had made enquiries as to why this council was not consulted. He was informed that this was a certificate of lawfulness under a permitted development order and as such no consultation was required. In other words this certificate of lawfulness is a paper exercise and nothing can be done. The last application commented on by the parish in relation to Pendragon was in April 2009 and the objections at that time were over-ruled as it was fully supported by other agencies and consultees.
Clerk has also contacted CALC asking for a response to his letter of 7th December concerning planning consultation times. He understands that this has been copied to NALC and a detailed response has been received by email at 5pm prior to this meeting. He has emailed this to councillors and he suggested that this be deferred to the next meeting when councillors will have had the opportunity to study the reply.
10. Public Rights of Way
Cllr Westlake had little to report other than the sign post on footpath 48 still had not been replaced. No further action required at this stage as this has already been reported to Cornwall Council.
11. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions from the last meeting had been completed.
He has emailed members informing them that the entry in the Gulval column of The Cornishman was incorrect as Kenegie Manor had asked for advice concerning the erection of 20 extra chalets and no application has been submitted.
CALC ‘This Week’ issues 03, 04, 05 and 06 have been circulated to councillors by email.
Cornwall Council has asked for suggestions for a suitable building and location for a new Archive and Record Office. This has been circulated to members. It was suggested that the available space at Penzance One Stop could be utilised – clerk to reply to this effect.


Cornwall Council Leader’s messages of 30th January and 21st February have also been circulated to members by email. Since the publication of the agenda his message of 27th February has been received and also circulated by email.
Clerk has received a complaint regarding the external condition of the King William 1V Public House. This refers to plaster dropping from walls and unfinished painting which it was felt was a poor reflection on the village centre. Cllr Christopher informed members that she has spoken to the lady licensee who assures her that the work will be completed as soon as possible now that weather conditions have improved.The meeting decided to give the licensee an opportunity to have the work completed before taking any action.Clerk has obtained details of the owners of the premises, a company called GRS Pub Holdings, 31 Haverscroft Industrial Estate, New Road, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR171YE, should there be a need to contact them.
A letter from Simon Mansell at Cornwall Council concerning the present situation with the Code of Conduct has been circulated to councillors.
Clerk informed members that he will take leave and be out of contact from 9th to 20th March.
Email has been circulated to members from a David Ramsbottom from Norfolk who has started a petition against wind turbines. His objections are listed in the email and he has forwarded this as he states that there is a number of wind turbines planned for Cornwall.
‘Cornwall Conversations’ enables councillors to discuss local concerns with Alec Robertson, Leader of Cornwall Council. The nearest event to Madron is at Helston Community School at 7pm on 26th March. No one would attend from this council. However, Cllr Scoble asked the clerk to write to Cllr Robertson reminding him that at an earlier meeting at St Johns Hall he had agreed to come back to West Cornwall to report on progress made by his council after 6 months but he had not fulfilled this commitment.
The launch of Cornwall Landscape Character Best Practice Guide will take place at Camborne One Stop Shop with sessions at 10am and 2pm on 19th March. An attendance fee of £5.00 is payable. Cllr Pritchard informed members that should anyone wish to attend the fee would be refunded by this council.
There is a vacancy for a Community Governor at Humphry Davey School in Penzance and if any councillor wishes to be considered for this position he should contact Des Hoskin, Clerk to the Governors on 01736.362513 – further details are also available from the clerk.
Cornwall Council has issued an update on the policy relating to public toilets which involves management by parishes or a Community Toilet Scheme involving local businesses. With no public toilets in Madron no action is required.
12. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Clerk reported that he had written to Col.Edward Bolitho at Trengwainton as Lord Lieutenant, as instructed at the last meeting, inviting him to light the beacon for the celebration. As yet no reply has been received.
Cllr Roberts reported that Trythall School required 25 mugs for pupils and Cllr Jenkin reported that St Maddern School similarly required 38 mugs. There were further requests for children resident in the parish who were not attending these schools. Members have had the opportunity to complete the forms circulated by the clerk with details of additional mugs required for themselves and other people who have contacted them in the parish and cheques for payment should have been attached to the forms. At this point 91 mugs have been ordered and this includes orders from councillors and other adults who would pay £6.00 for each mug. Clerk informed members that the mugs come in packages of 36 and an example of the cost is £662.52 for 108 mugs. This includes postage and VAT. The VAT is £110.42 which will be reclaimed. Clerk reported that there is no specific allowance in the budget for these items but the reserves and the present good financial position means that this is affordable and it should be borne in mind that a large number of the mugs will be purchased. It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin , seconded by Cllr Peake and unanimously agreed that 108 mugs be purchased by the clerk and the cheque would be signed at the end of the meeting. As the Clerk is on leave from 9th to 20th March he suggested that he ordered them on his return from leave so they were not delivered and left outside in his absence. This was agreed but if there was a problem they can be left with Cllr Peake.

13. Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund
Clerk reminded members that Cornwall Cllr Councillor Bailey had ensured that £5,000.00 would be received from this fund for this year. Clerk will submit an invoice to Cornwall Council during March 2012 to obtain this funding. With this in mind clerk will produce posters at the next meeting for notice boards asking organisations with projects in mind to submit applications for the funding to him. Clerk asked members to remind local organisations themselves of the availability of this funding. He felt that applications could be discussed at the May meeting, by which time the grant should have been received. This was unanimously agreed.
14. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Matthews and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid:- W.E. Wilkins, clerk – salary £433.65, office allowance £30.00, Mileage £11.00, disbursements £87.30; HMRC – PAYE for clerk £108.40; Information Commissioner for Data Protection annual fee £35.00; P. Waters for cutting back hedge between Memorial Garden and The Green £250.00, Madron Playing Field – match funding for money raised by playing field committee in this financial year £359.75 The playing field funding had been agreed earlier in the year and up to £1000 had been budgeted for this item. Funding is available in donations/grants (£1500), miscellaneous items (£300) and reserves in the next financial year to continue with this arrangement if councillors so wished. It was proposed by Cllr Westlake, seconded by Cllr Peake, and unanimously agreed that this arrangement be continued in the next financial year and clerk was instructed to inform the Playing Field Committee of this decision.
Clerk informed members that a further £84.00 was due to be paid into Madron Parish Council, account today by Cornwall Council Community Fund from Cornwall Cllr Maddern in relation to the Christmas tree purchased for Madron Village.
Clerk asked members for approval to write off the benches in the Memorial Garden and the slabs leading to the garden as assets donated to Landithy Hall Managers now it is established the garden is their responsibility. This is for the Audit Commission report. It was proposed by Cllr Bone, seconded by Cllr Christopher and unanimously agreed that that the assets be written off as suggested.
Clerk reported that he had approached Mr David Gallie and Mr Gallie was willing to act as Internal Auditor for this financial year at the same fee as in previous years. It was proposed by Cllr Peake, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that Mr Gallie be asked to perform this task.
Clerk reported that he had agreed with Ryman Stationers in Penzance that there would be a 10% discount on all purchases.
Clerk reported that as this was the last meeting of the financial year it was policy for this council to consider requests for donations made during the year. (Cllrs Pritchard, Scoble, Jenkin and Mathews declared interests) He informed members that he was obliged to tell members that the S137 limit for this year is £6.44 per elector which is not a concern as this council does not have this high a precept,
The original budget for grants and S.137 donations amounted to £1500 and to date £352 had been spent prior to this meeting which meant that there was a sum of £1148 available from this source. Clerk reported that he had received 12 applications for donations and after discussion it was proposed by Cllr Roberts, seconded by Cllr Scoble and unanimously agreed that where applicable in pursuance of the power conferred by Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and being satisfied that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of that section the following payments be approved – West Cornwall Community Bus Association £250.00, West Cornwall Women’s’ Aid £100.00, Penzance Citizens’ Advice Bureau £100.00, ‘Churches Together in Penzance Foodbank £150.00, Cornwall Blind Association £150.00, Victim Support Cornwall £100.00, Cornwall Air Ambulance £150.00, Penhaligon’s Friends £200.00.
Cllr Scoble suggested that the clerk should purchase a year’s supply of stamps as the prices were due to rise substantially in April. This was unanimously agreed
15. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 5th April 2012 at Trythall CP School.