THURSDAY 4th APRIL 2013 AT 7.15pm

Cllr S. Pritchard (chairman) Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (vice chairman)
Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin Cllr V. Peake
Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr D. Westlake
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr C. Bone
Cllr R. Mann Cllr I. Phillips
Cllr S. Bates

Cornwall Cllr W.Maddern

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and four members of the public

Cllr Christopher, PC Thomas
2. Acceptance of Minutes
It was proposed by Cllr Bone, seconded by Cllr Roberts that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on Thursday 7th March were unanimously accepted after the following amendments: –
Item 2 on page 11/13 – Cllr Mann proposed and Cllr Westlake seconded that the minutes should not be circulated until approved and not Cllr Westlake proposing and Cllr Mann seconding that item as stated..
Item 9 Planning on page 13/13 – Cllr Westlake seconded the proposal to object to PA11/06649 and not proposing the item as stated.
Item 12 on page 14/13 – Cllr Mann asked for the names of the two ‘non-IT’ councillors to be deleted.
Item 16 Finance on page15/13 – Cllr Matthews pointed out that there were two ‘t’s in his name.
3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Roberts – item 4 Carfury Antiquarians – as a business associate with members.
Cllrs Scoble, Pritchard and Matthews – item 13 War Memorial – as Landithy Hall Managers who are responsible for the memorial and garden – dispensation granted.
4. Presentation by Members of Carfury Antiquarians
(Cllr Roberts declared an interest) Mr Ken Wood gave a presentation on behalf of the above organisation and the members of Carfury Antiquarians created a display of their work in the room for the information of councillors. Mr Wood had also prepared a breakdown of the work and costs of the newly formed organisation which the clerk had copied and circulated to councillors. The meeting was informed of the popularity of the organisation which had given talks to large audiences where they outlined their work in genealogy researching local families, historical events of interest and industrial archaeology.


Future plans were outlined and the first edition of a journal was displayed and this and future editions would be produced for sale at £3 each to cover part of the costs. Mr Wood asked members to consider making a donation to the Carfury Antiquarians as the organisation was expanding rapidly and the costs involved were quite extensive.
The Chairman thanked Mr Wood for his presentation and assured that consideration would be given to his request for a donation at the end of the meeting.
5. Public Participation
6. Police Report
In absence of any police the clerk gave the police report to 27th March. There were five reported crimes as opposed to two in the corresponding period last year. These consisted of a criminal damage to lighting at a private house, a public order offence, a burglary in a private garage, criminal damage to a motor vehicle and a theft. In addition to this three male juveniles from Madron were issued with stage 1 anti-social behaviour warnings following complaints regarding their behaviour outside Mounts Bay School. PC Thomas is currently on leave and returns next week.
7. Chairman’s Comments
8. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Westlake informed members that he had decided not to stand for election for the new council at the elections on 2nd May. He explained that he had served for 25 years and now he was approaching 70 he felt it was the right time to stand down. He also disagreed with the new Code of Conduct which he felt was over intrusive and far stricter than the code for Members of Parliament which he considered to be inappropriate. The loss of Penwith District Council also made him feel that parishes were not listened to, particularly in relation to planning, and the new Unitary Authority was a backward step.
Chairman thanked Cllr Westlake for his service to this council over the last 25 years and assured him that he will be missed. He also reminded members that nomination papers for election as councillors must be submitted by 5th April.. He added that it would help the administration if any more councillors who had not decided to apply for re-election were able to inform either himself or the clerk if not the whole meeting.
Cllr Matthews has received two complaints on the day of this meeting to the effect that a large yellow chalet has been delivered on a low loader to Pendragon in New Mill. This is out of keeping with the village and it is likely that planning permission should have been obtained.
Clerk has contacted planning enforcement and this has been formally recorded. Enquiries will be made to establish the exact size and construction to establish whether this is classed as a caravan under the Caravans Act and also the impact on the character of the area to ewstabish if planning permission is required.
Cllr Westlake reported that the road edges along the road from New Mill to Trythall were still breaking away at the edges and needed further attention. Clerk to inform Highways.
9. Comments from Cornwall Councillor
Cornwall Cllr Maddern responded to the comments by Cllr Westlake as he felt that the planning officers do listen to parishes and whilst there were problems with the Unitary Council, matters were improving.
He had reported that the problems with mud piled at the house side of the road between Trythall and New Mill after work had been completed there had been discussed with Highways and they had felt by doing this they had guarded the ditch at the side of the road. He had also had dealings with the Penwith Branch of Devon and Cornwall Housing regarding the Woodwalk in Madron and now there was some dispute over ownership of the land. The chairman stated that if this matter was not resolved before the next meeting the matter should be referred to Land Registry to determine ownership and responsibility.
Finally Cornwall Cllr Maddern thanked this council for the co-operation and enjoyable working environment he had experienced during the last four years, and he was standing again for Cornwall Council at the forthcoming election.


10. Planning
Clerk reported that no applications had been received during the last month.
PA13/0803 – removal of condition 4 of 86P/0222 to allow for 12 months residency at 42 Old Court, Kenegie Manor – approved
PA11/06449 – retention of campsite at Noongallas, Gulval – refused.
Cllr Roberts informed the meeting that from Easter weekend the site had been opened to campers and clerk was instructed to inform Cornwall Planning Department as the 28 days allowed would terminate at the end of this month.
Other Planning Matters
PA13/02245 –at land north of Rosemorron Farm, Gulval and PA13/02035 at Ladydowns on Towednack Parish relate to requests for screening opinions. These are in the public domain. They relate to reports by the Environmental Officer and are not for Parish councils to comment at this stage. Cllr Westlake proposed, and Cllr Scoble seconded that Standing Orders be suspended for a member of the public to speak and this was agreed. Mr Tanner, as a member of the public, then explained the meaning of screening at these sites for environmental reports and the opposition that had already been voiced against the application at Ladydowns.
PA12/02103 – retention of the change of use of land from agriculture to temporary siting of four holiday caravans (1st April to 30th September) and one caravan proposed to house showering and washing facilities at Demelza Farm, New Mill – appeal withdrawn
The Cornwall Local Structure Plan and Community Infrastructure Fund – details can be found on www.cornwall.gov.uk/localplancornwall but the clerk received a hard copy which is in the process of being circulated to councillors on request. This is a consultation document and responses are required before our next meeting. Cllr Pritchard gave a resume of the documents mainly in respect of the allocation of costs which would now have to be paid in advance as opposed to the Section 106 agreements and Cornwall Cllr Maddern added to the comments. It was agreed that no further action was required from this council.
11. Public Rights of Way
Cllr Westlake reported that all the paths were in good order and had improved enormously over the last 15 years.
Clerk reported that he has left a message asking County if any arrangements are available for the LMP this year but has had no reply to date. He will liaise with the new councillor responsible for public rights of way after the Annual Parish Council meeting.
12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions had been completed from the last meeting.
Election packs had been given to all present councillors and these should have been handed into St Clare on 28th March or submitted by 5th April. The appropriate notice has been circulated to members with a responsibility for notice boards.
Pengarth Day Centre have written to inform members that as a result of fund raising and donations two second hand cars have been purchased to enable clients to get to the Centre and also for the delivery of meals. This council donated £250 to this request for donations and the manager of Pengarth Day Centre tendered her thanks.
Clerk reported that he had received complaints concerning pot holes in Bone Valley and Madron Hill from Cllrs Matthews and Scoble and these had been referred to Highways.
He added that he had not taken any leave for over 12 months but it is possible that he will be away from his office from Thursday 11th April until Wednesday 14th April. He is also likely to take further leave around mid-May but he will confirm this at the meeting on 9th May. He will confirm arrangements to members by email.


13. Madron War Memorial
Cllr Pritchard reported that he had received verbal estimates for the work from a company in Long Rock. This company are proud to do the work which will be completed at cost and should be in the region of £195. This will be placed before Landithy Hall Mangers and then be formally put to the next meeting of this council to consider the next action.
14. Circulation of Minutes and Draft Minutes – Special Motion by at least 3 councillors
A letter from Cllr Jenkin countersigned by Cllrs Christopher, Matthews and Scoble has been forwarded to the chairman asking to rescind and review the decision to stop the previous procedure of circulating the minutes of meetings to councillors shortly after the meeting and the attaching of minutes to notice boards and website until formally approved at the following meeting. CALC agree we can circulate the draft minutes of a meeting and it is understood that NALC recommend circulations of draft minutes within 10 days of the meeting. Clerk has taken further advice from CALC and the council does have one opportunity to rescind and review the last decision within the six months if council so decides. A copy of the letter and the judgement by CALC has been circulated to all councillors.
The chairman has instructed that this item be included on the agenda for this meeting for information only but the matter be deferred until the new council sits in May when the whole matter can be reviewed.
15. West Penwith Town and Parish Forum – 21st March 2013
Cllrs Pritchard, Jenkin, Scoble, Mann and the clerk attended the above Forum where the main topics were a review of policing policy by Inspector Philips from Penzance and a presentation on the Community Infrastructure Fund by Cornwall Council.
In spite of the reduction in front line staff for policing in Devon and Cornwall, Penzance will benefit as this will be a training station which should result in three training officers and up to nine new staff who will be available when ‘numbers’ are required. Generally there is little change in policy affecting this area other than more concentration will be paid to traffic matters, speeding, using mobile phones whilst driving, etc as offences relating to crime and public order have reduced.
The Community Infrastructure Fund was discussed in ‘Other Planning Matter’ earlier in the meeting.
16. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Peake and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: –
W.E.Wilkins, clerk – salary £520.46, office allowance £30.00, mileage £50.00, disbursements £50.92 ; HMRC – PAYE £130.00; Cllr Pritchard – flowers for Cornwall Cllr Baileys retirement (from chairman’s allowance) £30.00; CALC – postage for Standing Order book with detailed explanations £2.70.
Clerk reported that the government has given a support grant to parish councils which in the case of Madron amount to £3000. Cornwall Council informed the clerk on 16th January of this and asked for a response within the next few days as to whether the council would consider reducing their precept but there was a danger that in future if capping does come in the revised figure may be capped in future years. There was no time for the council to consider this as it was between meetings with short notice for replies. The clerk has no authority to change any item such as this and as virtually all councils had rejected the reduction in the precept, the precept for Madron was retained. This has resulted in a slight rise in Council tax to cover the government’s support grant.
Clerk reported that the accounts for the financial year 2012-2013 have been completed and are ready for audit and the necessary arrangements have been made with Cllrs Roberts and Westlake for the audit to take place on 10th April.. Copies of the final accounts will be forwarded to the councillors for acceptance at the Annual Parish Council meeting


Clerk has also contacted Mr Dave Gallie and he is happy to do the independent internal audit as in previous years and he is content for the work to be done for £75, no change from the last two years. Clerk informed members that Mr Gallie has also assisted with PAYE returns and is willing to do this and download the appropriate items from HMRC for 2013-2014. In view of this clerk asked if the council would consider paying an extra £25.00 for this service. It was proposed by Cllr Bone, seconded by Cllr Matthews, and unanimously agreed that Mr Gallie be paid £100.00 on completion of the work.
The request for a grant by Carfury Antiquarians was then considered. (Cllr Roberts declared an interest) A detailed list of the cost of setting up their organisation had been forwarded to members by the clerk and it was proposed by Cllr Westlake, seconded by Cllr Mann, and unanimously agreed that a grant for the sum of £1000.00 be donated to that organisation (S.145 Local Government Act 1972).
17. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 7th February 2013 at Trythall CP School.