THURSDAY 4th February 2016 AT 7.30pm
Draft to be approved on 3rd March 2016

2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms
On 7th January 2016 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Eddy – item 10 – planning application PA15/11341 at Bone Farm, Heamoor as applicant.
Cllr Burlton – item 10 – planning application PA15/09695 At the Stables, Carnequidden Farm as a friend of the planning agent
4. Dispensations
5. Public Participation
Mr Terris, the applicant for PA15/09695 at The Stables, access track from Carnequidden Farm, New Mill, explained that his application included a minor increase in height and it was in keeping with scale of properties in the area. Seven neighbours had supported his application and he was intent in that his property would accommodate children and work as he and his family were intent in staying in the area.
Sara James in relation to PA15/11341 at Bone Farm, Heamoor, stated that this application had outline approval and the access path had been amended and conformed to the planner’s wishes. It was the intention of her partner and herself to stay in the area and the main farm had been in her partner’s family for many years.
Erin Hassett informed the meeting that he was at the meeting to answer any questions in relation to PA15/11341.


6. Police Report
PC Thomas gave the police report for January 2016.During the month there were four reported crimes, the same as January 2015. Between 3rd and 11th the interior of a static caravan based at New Mill was damaged and between 28th and 29th three vehicles parked in Bellair Road, Madron were scratched.
He brought up the subject of the Devon and Cornwall Police Guidelines for engagement with Town and Parish Councils. The clerk has circulated by email the new policies to councillors by email. Briefly these policies are for a member of the Neighbourhood Team to attend an AGM or similar meeting each year but an officer can attend if there is a particular issue. Police Liaison Groups will be formed and councils will be asked to nominate a representative to attend meetings which will be in the region of every six weeks to update on officer/staff movements making an impact on councils. Each council have an information sheet giving information including crime statistics and submit a report to each council meeting.This was followed up with an email from Inspector Jean Phillips detailing the policy for West Penwith.
There was some misunderstanding as to how the crime figures were to be obtained and the clerk and PC Thomas will clear this matter up between them.
Cornwall Cllr Mann asked for more information of domestic violence in the area as this was a major issue and whilst details of the persons involved were not requested he asked for a general picture over West Cornwall. Clerk will liaise with PC Thomas for details as requested before the next meeting. (PC Thomas left at this point)
Clerk then reported that the Police and Crime Commissioner’s January 2016 has been circulated to councillors by email. He is asking for a 1.99% precept rise equating to 6.5p per week (£3.37 per year) for band D homeowners.
7. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Roberts reported that she had been accompanied by the vice-chairman and the clerk at a meeting with representatives of ‘Consensus’ concerning the construction of 24 homes at the end of Vingoes Lane, Madron on land owned by Cornwall Council. These houses will be for people who are already on the housing register and some will be for rent and affordable. Also some will be on the open market for purchase. The representatives on ‘Consensus’ intimated that they will discuss the plans with parishioners in due course. The chairman, vice chairman and Cllr Scoble agreed that the site and initial plans looked reasonable.
8. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Tanner had reported to the clerk that the pavement on the bend to the south of Trevaylor Manor was in need of clearance as pedestrians were forced to walk in the road on a bad bend. Clerk has been in contact with Highways and they agreed that this was dangerous and will clear the path.
Cllr Tanner had informed the clerk that he has received complaints that there is an accumulation of dog mess on Break-my-Neck lane opposite the farm kennels. Clerk has contacted Countryside Access and he has now spoken to Cornwall Environment for the Dog Wardens to deal with this matter. (log number 2598178).
Cllr Eddy gave an update regarding the proposal to amend email address from cornerbarn@talktalk.net to clerk@madronpc.org. There had been a hope that Audana who look after the parish council website would be involved in this but Cllr Scoble explained that this was not in their remit. It was agreed that Cllr Scoble and the clerk would obtain assistance from a local IT worker when the clerk returns from leave
Cllr Pritchard gave a report on the meeting of the Penwith Integrated Care Forum held on 3rd February. This is a forum with doctors, nurses and care workers. The first point raised was that Poltair Hospital had been sold but no more information about the detail was available. Cornwall Council was stopping funding to Day Care centres and Pengarth was existing on grants and donations. With the proposals to build a large number of houses throughout Cornwall the forum had emphasised the need for extra medical facilities to support the increase in population. Cornwall Cllr Mann gave the meeting information in respect of the costs incurred by Pengarth Day Centre in Penzance.
Cllr Pritchard also informed the meeting that the available funding means that there will be a new Community Bus available in March/April.


9. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cllr Mann explained to members that the council tax for Band ‘D’ would be in the region of £50 per year including support for social services etc.
10. Planning
PA15/11341 – application of reserved matters following outline approval of PA14/09985 dated 9.12.14: access appearance layout scale at access to Bone Farm, Heamoor (Cllr Eddy declared an interest and left the room) – supported
PA16/00681 and 00682 – internal works and porch roof canopy at Boswarthen Vean, Boswarthen, Newbridge – supported
PA16/00729 – conversion of existing attached garage to guest lounge and bedroom at Trenant Farm, Great Bosullow, Newbridge – supported
The following pre-application items have also been received for information.
PA16/00048 – conversion of a film studio to form a dwelling (development may affect a public right of way) at Tremeane, Heamoor and PA16/00159 – construction of an ecological park (artists’ studios) , three sustainable live work units with one open market sustainable live work unit and associated works at land south of Orchard Farm, Madron.
PA15/09695 – amended application to previously approved application for the conversion of barns to a single dwelling namely to include a stepped ridge to provide mezzanine floor at The Stables, access track from Carnequidden Farm, New Mill. (Cllr Burlton left the meeting at this point). This application was put before this council in November 2015 and this council had concerns that the application appears to change the original shape and size which may contravene policy GD7. This application was refused and has been referred to Planning Committee to be held at Camborne Council Committee Room at 2pm on 8th February 2016. The original recommendation made by this council will be available to the committee but there is an opportunity for a representative of this council to address the committee if it so wishes.
Cllr Tanner was in favour of the original recommendation by this council but various councillors spoke in favour of supporting the application on the basis that any height changes were acceptable in view of other like applications which had been approved and any changes were screened by trees. It was also felt that it was right to encourage young people to remain in the area and the opposition was a minor matter. It was agreed to change the previous recommendation of this council to support and this was accepted by 10 votes for the proposition and Cllr Tanner remained in opposition. In view of the feelings, Cllr Eddy agreed to attend the Planning Committee to represent the reviewed feelings of this council and Cornwall Cllr Mann will make the necessary arrangements.
PA15/10595 – change of use of non-domestic land (used as a kitchen garden) to domestic land. Single storey front extension, portico in place of porch, re-siting porch as detached orangery and replacement roof covering at Tremeane, Heamoor – approved
PA15/03323PREAPP – proposed residential development at land off Vingoes Lane, Madron – advice given/ app. Submitted.
Other Planning Matters
CALC – consultation on the Proposed Changes to National Planning Policy Framework (circulated to councillors by email) – noted.
Cornwall Council Communities and Planning (circulated to councillors by email) – noted
Clerk reported that he had discussed the proposed actions to be taken by this council in respect of paperless planning with the Chief Executive of CALC and she regards this proposal as a logical and pragmatic course of action to be taken and meets with approval.
11. Public Rights of Way
Nothing to report


12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Instructions from the last meeting have been completed with the exception of the new email address which will now be installed after the clerk’s leave.
The clerk has prepared and forwarded a notice for boards and website concerning Neighbourhood Plans and arrangements for initial meetings at Landithy Hall and Trythall School.
Cornwall Council Local Plan – consultation on the schedule of further changes to the draft are available on www.cornwall.gov/localplancornwall.. Closure date for comments is 7th March 2016 and notices have been forwarded for notice boards – noted
Cornwall Council – First Devolution letter has been circulated to councillors by email – noted.
Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Abigail Birch aged 13 years from Madron who is asking for a donation to assist with her training for the World Dwarf Games in Canada in 2017. He advised councillors that they were unable to donate to individuals (Local Government Act 1972).
Clerk reported he has received requests concerning the allocation of allotments and these have been forwarded to Cllrs Pritchard and Bates to consider when the allotments come into our possession. With the approval of the meeting he will chase up the transfer with Codes Solicitors and Cornwall Council when he returns from leave. This was agreed to fit in with the financial year
CALC are collating orders for ‘The Good Councillors Guide’ which costs £2.00 each plus postage and packaging. It is many years since the last order was purchased by this council and that edition is now out of date and the clerk is aware that many copies are lost or missing. He has spoken to Cllrs Scoble and Tanner as auditing councillors and they have agreed to write off the old editions from assets. It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Phillips and unanimously agreed that the clerk should order 12 copies to be delivered to Cllr Roberts.
Clerk reported that he would be away from his office from 7th to 25th February but he will receive emails and if anything is urgent he will pass them to the chairman. He asked councillors to deal with requests for local matters, usually affecting Cornwall Council. And hopefully if any items arise from the public they will contact their local parish councillor to deal.
13. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Peake seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: -W.E. Wilkins, clerk – salary £641.40, office allowance £30.00, mileage £19.80, petty cash £28.32: HMRC – PAYE and National Insurance £177.40; Trevena Cross Nurseries – Christmas tree £96.00 (including VAT); Cory Environment – emptying litter bins £222.14 (including VAT)
Clerk pointed out that Trevena Cross have given this council a 20% discount and he has now claimed £80.00 (cost of tree minus VAT) from Cllr Maddern’s Community Chest. Clerk was instructed to write a letter of thanks for the discount to Mark Netherway at Trevena Cross Nurseries in lieu of the discount on the Christmas tree.
Clerk added that an audit was completed by Cllr Tanner on 28th January 2016.
14. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 3rd March 2016 at Madron Community Rooms.