THURSDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 2017 AT 7.30pm

Cllr V. Peake (vice chairman) Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin
Cllr Mrs G. Burlton Cllr S. Pritchard Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr G. Tanner Cllr S. Bates Cllr C. Bone
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr I. Phillips

Cornwall Cllrs W.Maddern and R Mann

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins, no members of the public

Cllrs Roberts and Eddy
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on 5th January 2017 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Bone – item 9 Planning – PA16/12131 at Trengwainton Gardens as he rents surrounding fields.
4. Dispensations
5. Public Participation
6. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Peake, as vice-chairman, who had taken the chair due to the absence of the chairman for family reasons, had no comments.
7. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Peake reported that he represented this council at a meeting at St Johns Hall on 24th January relating to the Local Strategic Development Plan for Penzance and Newlyn. The meeting centred on future housing, roads and traffic and councillors made their various recommendations.
Cllr Burlton has received concerns regarding to 20mph sign being obscured on Jigglers Hill when travelling to Madron from Trengwainton due to an increase in the height of a wall being erected at Landithy Farmhouse. This is the approach to St Maddern School. Cllr Burlton feels the sign can be raised on the current post to improve visibility. Clerk has passed this to Highways asking for attention.


8. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cllrs Maddern and Mann made various comments in relation to the strategic plans for the new Heliport in Penzance which had been approved with conditions by the Planning Committee. There are concerns by Gulval residents about the potential traffic along Jelbert Way due to the location of the Heliport and County Cllrs Mann and Fonk are dealing with this issue.
There is a warning that Cornwall Council intend to sell off gravel pits which may affect extreme parts of Madron Parish.
Members were informed that Cornwall Cllr McKenna has been appointed as chairman of the RHS Trust Board.
The councillors pointed out that there has been an overall reduction in recorded crime. As there has been an increase in violence, domestic violence and anti-social behaviour the figures are confusing.
9. Planning
PA16/12042 – certificate of lawfulness, existing use of a flat as a dwelling house at Fox Farm, road from Trevaylor to Trannack Lane, Gulval – supported
PA17/00333 – certificate of lawfulness, existing use: residential caravan site (6 caravans) at Fox Farm, road from Trevaylor to Trannack Lane, Gulval – no objection providing agricultural conditions are in place and it does not become an open site.
PA16/12131 – (Cllr Bone declared an interest and left the room) – proposed re-design of car park, National Trust at Trengwainton Gardens, Madron – supported
PA17/00082 – fell T1 ash, poling tops of T2 ash at The Curlews, Gulval. This reported application was for information and no response required – noted
PA16/10592 – conversion of part of loose box/store to an annex at Windman Cottage, access to Trezelah, Gulval – approved
PA16/10575 – demolition of existing wooden frame building and construction of a single storey dwelling house with associated works at land west of 29 Fore Street, Madron – approved
PA16/12050 – certificate of lawfulness for existing use – use of a building as a single dwelling house at Fox Farm, lane between Trevaylor and Trannack Lane, Gulval – withdrawn before comments made by this council
PA16/11611 – rebuilding of an existing extension to form a new bathroom adjacent to an existing studio within the grounds of the house at Higher Gear, New Mill – approved
Other Planning Matters
Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies and Community Network has been received by the clerk and is available for inspection by councillors by contacting clerk – noted
Cornwall Council Sixth Planning Newsletter has been circulated to councillors by email – noted
Cornwall Council – procedure to set up alerts to be advised of new planning applications has been received and circulated to councillors by email. This was an instruction to the clerk to obtain these at the last meeting
10. Public Rights of Way
Cllr Tanner reported that he had informed the British Horse Society chairman that this council was prepared to make a donation towards the work in opening up Ginger Lane. In view of that he asked for funding from the BHS.
11. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions from the last meeting have been completed
Clerk has followed up enquires with Bolitho Estates in relation to repairs needed to the Wishing Well Car Park and the matter has now been taken up by Jennie Olds at Bolitho Estates.
The next West Penwith Town and Parish Community Forum will be held at St Johns Hall, Penzance on 16th February 2017. Cllrs Pritchard, Scoble and Peake if commitments allow, agreed to attend with the clerk.


CALC Weekly News Roundup on 6th January 2017 incudes arrangements for the lighting of beacons on 11th November 2018 as a tribute to 100 years since the end of the First World War. It was agreed that Madron Parish should be registered for lighting a beacon.
Clerk has received an email from an unofficial group asking parishes to sign up for a Charter for Cornwall. This requests that members lobby Cornwall Council and election candidates concerning the lack of sustainable long term vision for Cornwall in respect of housing numbers, etc. They intend to publicise their policies this month and they have a website ‘Charter for Cornwall’. This email was circulated to members by email for information.
Clerk has received emails, which he has circulated to members, relating to the Code of Conduct. Cllr Jenkin, as a member of The Standards Board, felt that the final draft should be considered at the time of the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May. This was agreed.
PC Thomas from Penzance has contacted the clerk to inform him that he is being transferred from Neighbourhood Beat Manager for this area to a Response Officer in Penzance.
He thanks councillors and clerk for their support while he has been serving this parish. Cllr Pritchard was of the opinion that policing problems in the area were down to the system and PC Thomas had done his best in the circumstances. He proposed that a letter of appreciation for his efforts should be sent to PC. Thomas with copies forwarded to Inspector Phillips and the Chief Constable. This was unanimously agreed.
Clerk informed the meeting that he has purchased the filing cabinet after discussion with Cllr Scoble and this is now stored in Landithy Hall as agreed. He will removed files not in regular use to the new cabinet from his office in the near future.
He informed the meeting that the Parish Council printer in his office has ceased working. The new part required will be more expensive than buying a new printer. After approval by the chairman, vice-chairman and auditing councillors he has purchased a printer and toners.
12. Resignation of Councillors at the end of the Parish Year
Clerk and councillors discussed procedures for councillors who have intimated that they intend to resign at the end of the parish year and other matters relating to the elections to be held on 4th May 2017. This is the scheduled date for Madron Parish Council Annual Parish and Parish Council Meeting. It was agreed to wait for further instructions from Cornwall Council which are due to be circulated in early March but it will be necessary to put back to Annual Parish Council meeting for one week until Thursday 11th May 20
13. Future of Healthcare in Cornwall
Cllr Pritchard represented this council at the recent public meeting in Penzance. He felt that the whole meeting was completely chaotic with between 200 to 250 people attending. The organisers had planned to divide the attendees into four groups at four tables to hold individual discussions and collate the discussions afterwards. This was impossible due to the number of people attending. In addition to this the microphones were not working properly. At this point Cllr Pritchard with other people left the meeting as remaining was pointless.
Cllr Pritchard also attended a meeting of the Integrated Care Forum which plans to link all surgeries and hospitals for all to have necessary information on patients available. Cllr Pritchard feels that there has been little progress as the things discussed have been under review for some time without any practical progress. He quoted the case of Edward Hain Hospital which was considered unusable due to fire risk and the cost of making it safe and the ‘friends’ had made further enquiries and found the work could be done much cheaper and they were able to say that finances are available from sources so the work should be able to go ahead and a result is awaited concerning this.
14. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Bone, seconded by Cllr Matthews and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid:- W.E. Wilkins, clerk – Salary £694.90, office allowance £30.00, mileage £9.90, petty cash (includes £156.00 for filing cabinet and £167.76 for printer and spare toner) £354.05; PAYE and Nat. Ins. £200.39. Clerk added, for information, that the Playing Field Committee had raised £800.65 this year and this is due to be match funded by this council in March.
15. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 2nd March 2017 at Madron Community Rooms