THURSDAY 5th JULY 2012 AT 7.30pm

Cllr S. Pritchard (chairman) Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (vice chairman)
Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin Cllr Miss M. Christopher
Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr D. Westlake
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr C. Bone
Cllr S Bates Cllr V. Peake
Cllr I. Phillips

Cornwall Cllr W.Maddern

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and three members of the public

Cllr R. Mann, Cornwall Cllr Miss I. Bailey, PC Thomas, PCSO Taylor
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Trythall CP School on 31st May 2012 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cornwall Cllr Maddern – item 9 Planning – all applications as a Cornwall Councillor
Cllrs Pritchard, Scoble and Matthews – item 16 Finance – items relating to Landithy Hall as Landithy Hall Managers
4. Public Participation
Mr John Trewern addressed members in relation to the request for the support of this council for the registration of Chun Downs and the ‘Save Penwith Moors’ campaign. He explained his opposition to the request as some of this land was on his deeds as his parents had purchased this land as part of his farm in 1936. He pointed out that the rights of Chun Downs entitled the public to walk over the land, the farmers look after any monuments and cattle graze there. Should any major work be planned for the Downs it can only be done with the approval of the Secretary of State. Mr Edward Richardson supported the comments from Mr Trewern particularly in relation to public access. The two gentlemen felt that there was no gain in registering the property as it would only add another layer of bureaucracy.
5. Police Report
Chairman reported that he had an informal meeting with PC Thomas and PCSO Taylor in an effort to iron out understanding the way both parties worked and increase the co-operation between the police and this council. He was accompanied by Cllr Roberts as vice chairman and the clerk. At the time it was felt that this was an important and successful informal meeting.


Clerk informed members that he had received an email from PC Thomas explaining that he has checked his duty scheme and he is not due to be working on any first Thursday of the month until October. He will ask permission to work a shift on that day to accommodate his attendance at Madron Parish Council on that evening. There will be an effort to enable PCSO Taylor to work a shift to fit in with meetings before then as PC Thomas accepts that this is a long time in the future but the present duty scheme for police officers is inflexible.
Clerk then gave the police report for June 2012. There were five crimes reported, the same number as in the corresponding month last year. AP12/1253 – at 2am on 2nd June a cctv camera was stolen from the King William 1V public house in Madron; AP12/1285 – on 6th June a wooden sign in the shape of a tea pot was stolen at an isolated property in Lanyon; AP12/1333 – a local youth was cautioned after threats were made on the Penwith College website; AP12/1359 – a horse was injured by unknown means at a field in Madron: AP12/1445 – a repeat offence where a small car was moved a few feet into the road opposite the King William 1V public house. Youths have been spoken to and enquiries are ongoing.
PC Thomas also stated in his report to the clerk that several youths from Madron, Heamoor and Gulval have been warned regarding reported speeding and reckless riding of mopeds in Madron. He has also submitted a complaint to Cornwall Council Health and Safety Department regarding unsafe buildings and an insecure site at Madron Meat.
Clerk reported that Devon and Cornwall Police Authority have informed councils that the details of the new police commissioner’s role is available on www.dcpa.police.uk
6. Chairman’s Comments
Chairman expressed his disappointment that the traditional annual midsummer bonfire had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain.
7. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Christopher was concerned that the tabs on post boxes are not being used. This resulted in the persons posting mail not being aware whether the post has already been collected. It was agreed that the clerk should write to the Delivery Office Manager in Penzance asking for the practice of using the tabs be enforced.
Cllr Westlake has received complaints that buses and some farm vehicles have had difficulty in driving by vehicles parked opposite Trythall School. Some of these vehicles belong to staff and there is a school car park available. Clerk was instructed to write to the Head asking for his co-operation in advising all to use the school car park and keep the road clear.
Cllr Westlake also asked for old photographs of Madron, which he can scan and return, and they can be inserted on the website. Councillors gave Cllr Westlake information regarding sources.
Cllr Christopher reported rubbish dumped on the roadside between Madron and Trengwainton. Clerk will email Cornwall Council and Cornwall Cllr Maddern will also follow this up
8. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cornwall Cllr Maddern understood that the rubbish at Lanyon had been collected and the rubbish collections were generally working now. He had accompanied Penwith Housing Association officers on a tour of the parish two weeks ago and various problems were being addressed. He was concerned about the footpath at the rear of Tregoddick being impassable, but it was on the contractors schedule as having been cut back within the last week.(This was confirmed as being cut back by Cllr Scoble on the day after the meeting)
9. Planning
PA12/05844 – felling of one sycamore at Herb Cottage, Far End, Fore Street, Madron – (Cornwall Cllr Maddern declared an interest) supported
Clerk reported that the advance list of applications received on 4th July shows AP12/05884 relates to the change of use of former barn/ancillary residential building to a detached dwelling at Boskednan Farm, New Mill. Clerk has spoken with the case officer and she informs him that there is quite a lot of detail to look at and she has agreed that this will be
forwarded to the clerk later in the week and it can be placed before the next meeting of this council on 2nd August (This application was received by clerk on 6th July 2012)


PA12/04202 – conversion of former agricultural barn into a dwelling (non-material amendment to PA11/08228 to include amendments to south gable, roof lights and fenestration) – approved and PA12/04204 – submission of details to discharge conditions 7,8,9, and 10 in respect of decision notice PA11/08228, both at Bythmoy, New Mill
PA12/03806 – erection of agricultural building at Rosemorron Farm, Gulval – approved.
PA12/01414 – change of use and conversion of a studio workshop to create self-contained annex accommodation at Hellangove Barton, Gulval – withdrawn
PA12/05010 – certificate of lawfulness for a proposed single storey extension, detached shed and alterations to windows at 9 Aldreath Road, Madron – granted.
PA12/2103 – retention of the change of use of land from agricultural to temporary siting of 4 holiday caravans (1st April to 30th Sept) and one caravan proposed to house washing and toilet facilities at Demelza Farm – refused
PA12/04663 submission of details to discharge condition 4 in respect of notice W1/10-060 – S106 discharge of condition at Demelza Farm – withdrawn.
Other Planning Matters
Clerk has spoken to the case officer in Planning Enforcement regarding the refusal of permissions at Demelza Farm in the above results section. Enforcement will now write to the applicant asking him to give a date to remove the caravans. If his proposed date is unreasonable they will then give him a date and if they are not removed action to remove them will then take place
Clerk has received mail from Graham Tanner asking him to thank Madron Parish Council on behalf of local residents along Tinners Way for their support in raising objections to the planning application at Demelza Farm.
Cllr Scoble asked clerk to follow up the promise by Enforcement to visit Tregoddick Farm regarding the dogs on the premises (possible change of use)
The notes from the Local Council Planning Forum held at Truro on 25th April 2012 have been circulated by email.
10. Public Rights of Way
Clerk reported that the contractors from recent years, Nick Prowse and Anthony Clemens, agreed to perform the cutting back of paths at the County rate and have signed the appropriate contract. They have forwarded copies of their public liability insurance to the clerk and they have been instructed to make the first cuts of the gold path in June, silver and other paths in July and a second cut of the gold paths in September.
Cllr Westlake informed members that the gold paths he had walked had been cut as directed in June and the work was very satisfactory. Clerk has received invoices for the first cuts of gold paths and stiles and these are included in the finance section of this meeting
11. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions from the last meeting had been completed. Photographs have been taken by the local manager of ‘First’ of the Trelawney Estate turning point and forwarded to his head office and the point of tuning for the buses will probably be amended.
Clerk reminded members that there is a consultation on Localism at the Bolton Rooms at Ludgvan Community Centre from 7pm to 9pm on 18th July 2012. This has now been amended to deal with the new Code of Conduct. In view of this there may be a full house and clerk has mailed members to ask who would like to attend. To date Cllr Pritchard and the clerk have agreed to attend and clerk has advised the organisers. Cllr Scoble also asked to attend – clerk to inform organisers.
CALC ‘This Week’ issues 16, 17,18,19 & 20 have been circulated by email to councillors.
The matter of re-registration of Chun Downs as common land is now item 13 on this agenda.
Clerk reported that he had submitted application forms with map and risk assessment for road closures for Trafalgar celebrations on 21st October 2012. He has received an email to the effect that all this has been approved. He has also written to Captain William Entwisle at RNAS Culdrose and Edward Bolitho as Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall and they have both accepted the invitations to attend and RNAS Culdrose will take their normal role in the day.

Cornwall Council Localism newsletter of 31st May has been circulated by email to councillors
The annual risk assessment for the parish is due and clerk asked auditing councillors and chairman to liaise after the meeting to arrange a date.
The Paths for Communities grant scheme from Cornwall Countryside Access Forum has been circulated by email. It was not felt that this was relevant to this parish
Cruse Bereavement Care will hold their AGM at 7.30pm on 19th July at St Austell Community Hospital – noted
Cornwall Council Renewable Energy Show will take place at the former Gaia Centre at Delabole on 26th and 27th July 2012 – noted
The Cornwall Council Governance Review is a series of questions relating to the organisation of Cornwall Council and this is to be completed. It was agreed that the chairman should complete this on behalf of the council.
Cornwall Council Leader’s message of 11th June has been circulated by email to councillors.
Details of NHS ‘Out of Hours’ service have been circulated. Clerk has copied these for inclusion on notice boards and Cllr Westlake has also attached details to the website.
Clerk has updated the Parish Plan and this is now item 14 on this agenda
Senior Licensing Officer for Cornwall Council has emailed councils asking if any parishes wish to attend a seminar in respect of the recent amendments to Licensing Act 2003.If there is sufficient support a seminar can be arranged. A reply is requested. It was felt that there was no need for this council to support a seminar.
The next Town and Parish Forum is due to be held on 19th July – clerk will circulate details when they are sent to him.
12. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
It was agreed that the lighting of the beacon on 4th June at Bulls Head was a success and the chairman expressed his thanks to Cllr Roberts as representative of of the Young Farmers for their provision of the food
Clerk has produced for all members a breakdown of the costs and distribution of the jubilee mugs and the details have been circulated to councillors. After the deduction of VAT the real cost of 108 mugs was £552.10 and sales of 36 mugs amounted to £216 which means that the true cost to this council was £336.10. 72 mugs have been donated to children in the parish.
Clerk has also received a further request for mugs and the company supplying the mugs can still continue to take orders. This request is for 6 mugs and the cash (£36.00) has been paid. After discussion with the chairman Cllr Christopher was asked to put an item in the Cornishman advising people to contact the clerk by the time of this meeting if they wish to purchase mugs or have children under 12 who have not received a free mug. To date there have been no further requests. Clerk has contacted the suppliers and they can supply 10 mugs at a cost of £84.60 or 20 mugs at £132.00. These prices include VAT which will be reclaimed
It was proposed by Cllr Peake, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that the clerk should order a further ten mugs.
13.’Save Penwith Moors’
The co-ordinator of ‘Save the Penwith Moors ‘has mailed the clerk asking for the support of this council for the re-registration of Chun Downs as common land. Clerk has circulated this to councillors by email. A discussion took place taking into account the request, the legalities and also the comments in Public Participation. Following this Cllr Westlake proposed that this council was unable to support the registration. This was seconded by Cllr Scoble. Cllr Bone then submitted an amendment that the registration should be opposed and this was seconded by Cllr Jenkin. A vote took place with the proposal and the amendment receiving five votes each and the chairman used his casting vote to oppose the registration due to issues of tenure. Clerk instructed to inform the co-ordinator of ‘Save Penwith Moors’ and Cornwall Council of the decision by this council.


14. Madron Parish Council – Parish Plan
Clerk has updated the Parish Plan after asking councillors for any observations. The contact for the Young Farmers has been added and Cllr Bates shown as police liaison councillor. Cllr Westlake pointed out that the expansion of the new website was an aim for the forthcoming year.
It was proposed by Cllr Scoble, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that the amendments to the plan be approved. It was also agreed that the plan should be included on the Parish Council website.
15.Code of Conduct
Clerk has circulated the interim Code of Conduct to all councillors. He has also taken advice from Simon Mansell, the Cornwall Council solicitor, as there were initial concerns surrounding the code and he has also ascertained that surrounding parishes and Penzance Town Council have adopted the code. It is likely that there will be changes in due course but there is a requirement for this code in its present form to be adopted at this meeting.
Cllr Jenkin, as a member of the Standards Board, agreed with comments from councillors concerning intrusion into the private matters of councillors and their partners but pointed out that the acceptance of the code was mandatory and so this had to be accepted – the alternative was a the resignation of councillors. It was formally proposed by Cllr Roberts, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that this code be adopted
Clerk has received a request from CALC asking for councils to host Code of Conduct Training Sessions. It would appear that Landithy Hall fits in with the parameters for such a meeting. It was pointed out that the premises could be used by application to Connie Strowger and the payment of the appropriate fee to Landithy Hall Managers. Clerk to inform CALC.
16. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Peake, seconded by Cllr Bates and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid (Cllrs Scoble, Pritchard and Matthews declared interests):- W.E. Wilkins, clerk – salary £520.46, office allowance £30.00, mileage £31.00 disbursements £52.80; HMRC – PAYE for clerk £130.00; Howdens Joinery – work for Landithy Hall from ALSF grant £1108.75; Technical Surfaces Ltd – cricket wicket carpet for Gulval Cricket Club from ALSF grant £2650.80
Clerk pointed at that the cricket carpet was £586 less than anticipated when VAT is taken into account. This means that when the agreed payments are made for the Landithy Hall grant there should be an excess of £291.20 available from the grant. Clerk suggested that he waits until all the invoices are paid to confirm this and then councillors may put the balance towards the new floor covering at Landithy Hall or to some other project.
Clerk referred back to the cutting of the public rights of way and the completion of the first cut of gold paths and stiles on schedule. He had received invoices for this work from N. Price for £640.40 and A. Clemens for £640.40 It was proposed by Cllr Bone, seconded by Cllr Scoble, and unanimously agreed that these invoices be paid. The claim to County for reimbursement of 90% of this sum was signed by the chairman and Cllr Westlake as footpath councillor.
Clerk reported that the Audit Commission had completed their audit of this council and all was signed off as being in order. Chairman thanked clerk and auditing councillors for their work.
17. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 2nd August 2012 at Trythall CP School.