THURSDAY 2nd JULY  2015 AT 7.30pm

Draft to be approved on 6th August 2015


Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (chairman)                        Cllr V. Peake (vice chairman)             Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin                               Cllr Mrs G. Burlton

Cllr H. Eddy                                        Cllr S. Pritchard                                               Cllr. M. Scoble                                     Cllr G. Tanner

Cllr R. Matthews                                  Cllr C. Bone                                                     Cllr S. Bates                                         Cllr I. Phillips


Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins, no members of the public



Cornwall Cllrs R. Mann and W. Maddern

  1. Acceptance of Minutes

The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Trythall CP School on 28th May 2015 were unanimously agreed.

  1. Declarations of Interest

Cllr Roberts – item10 Planning – application PA15/05094 at Trye Farm, New Mill as the applicant.

Cllr Scoble – item 10 Planning – application PA15/05392 at Monterey, Madron as a neighbour.

  1. Dispensations


  1. Public Participation


  1. Police Report

In the absence of police officers, the clerk gave the police report for May, but the report for June was not available as the community officer is on sick leave and the PCSO is on annual leave.

In May there were three reported crimes as opposed to four in May 2014. On 9th a female was bitten by a dog that was dangerously out of control. The dog and owner were identified and the matter was dealt with by Restorative Justice. On 17th a window in a dwelling was damaged by a stone fired from a catapult. The offender was identified and dealt with by Restorative Justice. Between 15th and 19th a caravan at Badgers Cross was entered and items stolen from within.

A June monthly report was circulated by the Police and Crime Commissioner and details were circulated to councillors by email – noted

  1. Chairman’s Comments

Chairman lit the bonfire at the midsummer beacon. She also attended a meeting at Truro on 20th June concerning the case for Cornwall (see item13)



  1. Councillors’ Questions and Comments

Cllr Scoble reported that the first weed spraying had been completed in Madron Village by Cormac but it was later in the year than expected.

Cllr Scoble informed the meeting that the garden at the side of the Green had been weeded and tidied by the Memorial Garden gardener and it was looking more presentable. More work will be completed in the near future as it is the wrong time of the year to carry out any pruning.

Cllr Scoble reported that the hedge along Madron Hill was in need of cutting back in two places. He had spoken to one landowner who had completed the cut and details of the other land owner has been emailed to the clerk who has forwarded this to Highways for attention by the local steward..

Cllr Tanner has reported that rubbish has been dumped at Bosulval. He reported this to Cornwall Council and it was removed immediately. There were also grow-bags dumped in the New Mill area which have also been removed.

Cllr Tanner has also completed the AONB survey on behalf of this council as agreed at the last meeting.

Cllr Bates has filled in holes on the footpath at the rear of Trafalgar Fields in Madron.

Clerk reported that Cllr Phillips had complained again about cars being in place for up to 3 years and parked obstructing drains, etc. at Badgers Cross by the garage.  Lorries cannot get through and local people have nowhere to park their own vehicles. Clerk has spoken to Cornwall Cllr Mann who says he supports Cllr Phillip’s concerns and will do what he can to assist.  Clerk had asked Cllr Phillips to make a note of registration numbers and where the obstruction was with each vehicle and if possible how long they had been abandoned there and the details of the main offenders have been passed to the clerk. It was agreed that details of these vehicles be forwarded to Inspector Phillips at Penzance asking for police action and if not police responsibility to advise on the appropriate authority to deal with the problem.

  1. Comments from Cornwall Councillors

Clerk reported that Cornwall Cllr Mann informed him that the caravan causing problems  had been removed from Badgers Cross.

Clerk has received a call from Cornwall Cllr Maddern in which he sends his regards to Madron Parish Council. At this stage, due to illness, he is unable to be as active as normal but he can still make telephone enquiries if assistance is required.

  1. Planning


PA15/05094 – construction of an agricultural shed on land WNW of Trye Farm, New Mill. (Cllr Roberts left the room at this point and Cllr Peake took over as chairman). Cllr Tanner reported that there was a problem in that the route of a nearby footpath was unsure and clerk had been informed that the Ramblers had objected due to the location of the footpath being close to the proposed location. Cllr Tanner had attended a site meeting with the Countryside Officer and felt that this causes no problem and the application was unanimously supported.

(Cllr Roberts returned to the meeting at this point and Cllr Peake vacated the chair)

PA15/05392 – construction of an annexe at Monterey, Madron (Cllr Scoble declared an interest and left the room) – application unanimously supported. (Cllr Scoble returned to the meeting)


PA15/02701 – new agricultural house and farm track to milking parlour at Patrick’s Meadow, Rosemorron Farm, Gulval – approved

PA15/03831 – new extension and minor alterations to existing dwelling, new slate pitched roofs, new doors and windows to out-buildings at The Old Sunday School, Carfury, New Mill – approved.

Other Planning Matters

Cornwall Council Local Validation List has been circulated to councillors by email – noted.

Zoe Macaden has left Cornwall Council to take up a new appointment as a planning officer in Thurrock and her place as link officer with Madron is Paul Kew-Jones – noted




PA15/03482 – application for construction of a 25kw photovoltaic solar farm on land north of Rosemorron Farm at Gulval was supported by this council on 7th May. However it has been refused by delegated powers and has now been referred to Planning Committee to be held at Camborne on Monday 27th July 2015.

Clerk reported that he had received a complaint from a Mr Challenger on behalf of Polkinghorne residents to the effect that they had not received any notification of the planning application PA15/3482 (as above) which was dealt with by this council on 7th May 2015. He has had a long conversation with Mr Challenger and also received a letter which has been circulated by email to councillors. Clerk will reply to Mr Challenger with details of the planning time scale from Cornwall Council and legal constraints. Clerk has advised Mr Challenger to contact the planning officer and attend the Planning Committee at Camborne on 27th July when they will have the opportunity to voice their objections straight to the Planning Committee. It was agreed that clerk should attend the planning hearing.

Clerk was surprised that a new Planning Development Management Order for 2015 had been approved in which Cornwall Council are no longer publishing in the press all planning applications and this change had not yet been filtered down to clerks. He suggested that separate letters be forwarded to Derek Thomas MP, the Head of Cornwall Council Planning and CALC expressing the practical problems with the short time allowed for a turn-around for parishes who meet once in each month. The three week consultation time is statutory in the Town and Country Planning Order 2015 and so clerks have to apply for extensions in response times.  If an extension is not granted there has to be an extraordinary meeting for unpaid councillors to travel, often some distances, for a very short meeting. It also has to be advertised with the proper notice yet again. He is asking for action to be taken if possible to increase the statutory consultation time to be extended to a month.

Clerk suggested that the timescale for planning is included on the council website so the public can be aware of time constraints which parish councils have to abide by.

It was proposed by Cllr            Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Scoble and unanimously agreed that this action be taken.

  1. Public Rights of Way

Cllr Tanner gave an update on progress by the contractors on the first cut of gold paths which is now completed. The cut of silver paths will be completed later this month. Invoices for payment are included in the finance section of this meeting.

Clerk reported that a complaint was made to Cornwall Council to the effect that footpath 3 into Madron was not cut. This is not on our cutting list as the footpath above this is a silver path due for cutting later this month. Cllr Tanner, has walked the path and the area on Madron Parish mainly runs across a field and this is the responsibility of the landowner. The adjoining paths are the responsibility of our neighbours. However, he does agree that it is worthy of a cut. It was proposed by Cllr Tanner, seconded by Cllr Eddy and unanimously agreed that the clerk should contact the contractors and obtain an estimate for the work and then ask Cornwall Council if it can be included on the cutting schedule.

  1. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence

Clerk reported that the instructions from the last meeting had been completed.

A request has been received from Madron Well-Wishers for approval for them to provide a form of lighting for the Christmas tree in 2015. They also suggest that the tree be sited next to the pub window so that it can be seen by people entering Madron via Madron Hill. They suggest that lighting can be extended annually depending on funding. Cllr Burlton stated that basically she was in favour of the idea but all agreed that the tree should stay at Landithy Hall as traditionally carol singing events had been held which could not be held on the main road through the village and also the future of the pub was unsure. Cllr Burlton felt that the Well-Wishers may have the idea to have lights through the village and had been seeking advice from the Gulval Lights Committee. It was proposed by Cllr Burlton, seconded by Cllr Pritchard and unanimously agreed that the venture should be supported in principle but the Well-Wishers must be aware of the need for approval from Highways and the proper Public Indemnity Insurance has to be in place. (Clerk has information from the Clerk magazine which he will forward to the Chairman of the Well-Wishers)



The next West Penwith Town and Parish Community Forum will be held at St Clare on 9th July at 7pm when the main items will be ‘Office of Police and Crime Commissioner’ by Wendy Rowden, the Governance and Scrutiny Officer of the OPCC with a question and answer session and a Community Network Workplan update by James Hardy. Cllr Roberts advised the meeting that she was unable to attend but Cllrs Scoble, Pritchard, and Peake agreed to attend with the clerk.

Cornwall Council Communities and Devolution June bulletin has been circulated to councillors by email – noted

CALC June edition of ‘The Week’ has been forwarded to councillors by email – noted. Madron Parish Council annual risk assessment with Cllrs Pritchard, Tanner and Scoble due in July – arrangements to be made after the meeting.

  1. Case for Cornwall

Clerk reported that all documents received relating to this subject had been circulated to councillors by email. This was subject of a meeting at Penzance and then by a larger meeting at Truro on 20th June which was attended by Cllrs Roberts, Scoble and Eddy.

Cllr Eddy reported that there were good presentations by Paul Master from Cornwall Council and George Eustace MP which explained that the money raised in Cornwall could be put to Cornwall Council for decisions as to the use and the principles of devolution. These were guest speakers as in reality the meeting was nothing to do with the Case for Cornwall as overall it was a meeting for The Cornish Constitutional Convention, a Cornish Nationalistic gathering. The meeting deteriorated and Madron representatives left.

Clerk reported that he had received an email from CALC concerning the allocation of resources to parishes and effects on precept. This had been circulated to councillors by email

and also an email from Lanner Parish Council in which they strongly object to the case being made by Cornwall Council

  1. Madron Parish Plan

Clerk has circulated the plan as it stood after the July meeting last year requesting any updates and amendments required. Clerk has made some amendments and Cllr Tanner has suggested that the potential handing over of the maintenance and administration of the allotments passing to this council should be made and Cllr Jenkin feels that inclusion of twinning with Mont Dol should be entered showing our support with Cllr Roberts as representative.

Clerk will update the plan and re-circulate it by email and Cllr Scoble will include details on the Parish Council website.

  1. West Cornwall Town and Parish Community Network

The last Forum was held at St Clare on 21st May and Cllrs Roberts, Peake, Jenkin, Pritchard and Scoble attended. The main item related to planning issues and questions and answers were conducted by Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council Portflio Holder and Mark James, Cornwall Council Communities and Devolution Manager. Unfortunately there were long debates on certain issues which left no time for further general matters related to planning to be discussed.

  1. Finance

It was proposed by Cllr            Peake, seconded by Cllr          Burlton, and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: – W.E. Wilkins, clerk – salary £640.41, Office allowance £30.00, mileage £29.70, disbursements £14.76; HMRC – PAYE and Nat Ins £177 40;  Audana – website annual fee £300.00; Grant Thornton –  audit for Audit Commission 2014-15 £240.00; Cllr Roberts – mileage to Truro to Case for Cornwall meeting with passengers (60 x 45 pence) £27.00: Nick Prowse and Antony Clemens – 2 x £640.40..

Grant Thornton also reported that the full audit for 2014-2015 has been completed and all is in order.

  1. Time and Date of Next Meeting

7.30pm, Thursday 6th August 2015 at Madron Community Rooms due to power point presentation and school holidays at Trythall