THURSDAY 28th MAY 2015 AT 7.30pm
Draft to be approved on 2nd July 2015
Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (chairman) Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin
Cllr Mrs G. Burlton Cllr S. Pritchard Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr G. Tanner
Cllr H. Eddy Cllr C. Bone
Cllr S. Bates Cllr I. Phillips

Cornwall Cllr R Mann

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins, no members of the public

Cllrs V. Peake and R. Matthews
2. To Accept Discosure of Financial and Other Interest Form from Councillor not present at Annual Parish Council Meeting.
Cllr Scoble signed his form as correct.
3. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on 7th May 2105were unanimously approved
4. Declarations of Interest
5. Dispensations
6. Public Participation
7. Police Report
Due to the early date of the meeting the report for May 2015 is not yet complete.
Devon and Cornwall Police have circulated a questionnaire concerning the level of engagement local officers have with councils. Cllr Pritchard recorded his views as police liaison councillor, as did the clerk as a certain amount of the questions relate to his contact with the PC Thomas and his PCSOs
8. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Roberts brought up the matter of a missing sign at Wishing Well. She had been in contact with Bolitho Estates who will replace the sign
9. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Prior to the meeting Cllr Pritchard had informed the clerk that vegetation is growing well in Madron suggesting that the roads have not yet been sprayed. Clerk had responded by contacting Cormac reminding them that this council accepted a quote of £775 plus VAT for this work in February and asked for the schedule for the work to be done.

Cormac have responded by promising the work will be done on Friday or during the following week, weather permitting.
Cllr Scoble had reported that the hedges are expanding on Madron Hill which will reduce the width of the pavement in the near future and clerk has emailed Cormac asking for the attention to these hedges. Highways will contact landowners who are responsible if Madron Councillors can supply their details. Should the problem increase whilst clerk is on leave Cllr Scoble has the details and contacts to have any work done.
Cllr Pritchard commented on the present situation in relation to Poltair Hospital and other medical matters. The Wellbeing Project are assisting where possible and clinics in the area are working with doctors’ surgeries, social services, etc. who are working together to cover work done by Poltair. Three surgeries in Penzance are trying to establish one site at St. Clare and the Community Bus offered to get involved in supplying transport for journeys for social events for the elderly as it is hoped that this will give a purpose and assist with quality of life.
10. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cllr Mann informed the meeting that Penzance Town Council had obtained weed spraying services from a company in St Austell which were cheaper than Cormac and he will arrange for details to be forwarded to this council for future use. It was thought that CALC could collate and supply a list of contractors for parishes and towns to use for various future matters. Clerk was asked to follow this up.
Cllr Mann added that there was the possibility of 18 houses being planned at Tremethick Cross and a development off the A30.
11. Planning
PA15/03831 – New extension and minor alterations and upgrades to existing dwelling. New slate pitched roofs and new doors and windows to out-buildings at The Old Sunday School, Carfury, New Mill. Clerk had to chase up the plans but was informed they were in second class post and would not arrive until after this meeting so he has had them emailed to him. His laptop and printed copies were available at the meeting. The application was supported.
PA15/02386 – construction of an agricultural shed opposite to Nancothan House, Buryas Bridge – approved
PA15/ 02948 – alterations and extension to provide additional and enlarged rooms at Tredinnick Dairy, New Mill – approved.
Other Planning Matters
12. Public Rights of Way
Clerk reported that all was in hand for the first cut of golden paths in June.
He has been in contact with the contractors and sent out the appropriate schedules and asked for their insurances to be submitted to Cllr Tanner so that they can commence work on the first cut of the gold paths.
Cllr Roberts reported that Jennie Olds on behalf of Bolitho Estates had praised the work done to open up footpath 24.
13. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
All instructions from the last meeting had been completed
Clerk has received a request from ‘The Wellwishers’ to maintain the garden at the edge of The Green. He has advised them that they will need public indemnity insurance to be in place as the Parish Council insurers have informed him the Parish Council insurance will not cover them unless there is a member of this council supervising or partaking in the work. It does seem that at this point the Wellwishers do not have insurance in place.
Cllr Scoble informed members that the gardener for the Memorial Garden would be willing to take on this work and he is fully covered by insurance. The cost would be £30 per quarter and as he is employed by Landithy Hall they will include this in any tax return. Cllr Burlton has emailed to say that she has given consideration to allowing the Wellwishers to do this work as it is a practical help for the village and the work has, in her view, minimal risk. However she is aware of the obligations of this council to ensure cover is in place.

Cllr Eddy has pointed out that the council has a duty of care to ensure whoever does the work has insurance and Cllr Scoble has concerns over litigation if no insurance is in place and injury is incurred by any member of the public and he feels £120 per annum is well spent to ensure safety. These emails have been circulated to councillors prior to this meeting.
It was proposed by Cllr Tanner, seconded by Cllr Eddy, and unanimously agreed that the gardener for Landithy Hall and the Memorial Garden be asked to perform this work. Clerk was instructed to thanks the Wellwishers for bringing this matter to the notice of this council.
Clerk has received a request from a Caroline James for a bench to be placed on a footpath in the New Mill area in memory of her mother who lived for many years with her father at Bodrifty Farm. Whilst this council cannot permit any erection of benches the caller is really asking for advice on possible suitable locations and who to contact. Councillors had difficulty in finding a place which would be safe or would not be subject to possible vandalism. Bulls View and Ding Dong were considered but approval from landowners and English Heritage may be a problem. Cllr Mann suggested that Gulval Churchtown could be a location which would be appreciated and he agreed for the clerk to contact the caller and advise her to contact him.
The review of the Cornwall AONB Management Plan for 20111 – 2016 is taking place and details have been forwarded to councillors by email. Full details of the plan which has to be reviewed every 2 years can be found on http://www.cornwallaonb.org.uk/management-plan.
Clerk asked if councillors should reply individually or submit one reply on behalf of the parish and if so which councillor would take on this task Cllr Tanner agreed to deal with this as he had performed this task last year.
Clerk reported that he will take his leave from Saturday 30th May until Tuesday 16th June. He asks that his answerphone may direct enquiries to the chairman and also to Cllr Tanner if it relates to footpaths or the caller’s local councillor (information on website). He asks the website to carry the same information. This was agreed. Clerk will pass on any emails requiring attention to the Chairman or appropriate person responsible.
14. ‘The Case for Cornwall’
The full details of the publication by John Pollard, the leader of Cornwall Council concerning the Case for Cornwall has been circulated to members by email and it was agreed at the last meeting that consideration of support should be deferred to this meeting to give councillors the chance to attend a meeting on this subject at Penzance on 27th May. Cllr Pritchard attended with the clerk where discussions took place concerning Cornwall making its own decision in respect of release from government restrictions in respect of planning, and other matters such as having a percentage of VAT from fuel purchased in Cornwall, highways maintenance , organising NHS, education, selling buildings and retaining the proceeds and using one building for various services, etc Numerous other points were made to avoid bureaucracy and to take advantage of local knowledge, but the freedom to review taxation could mean either a reduction or increase to local people. It was agreed that supporting this matter be put on hold until exact details were available.
15. West Penwith Town and Parish Forum – 21st May 2015
The forum was attended by Cllrs Roberts, Peake, Tanner, Pritchard Jenkin and Scoble
represented this council. The main interest in the evening was planning and senior planning officers and cabinet leader for planning were present. As a result of planning issues and the work done on Penzance Town Neighbourhood Plan, Cllr Pritchard felt that this council should be proactive and consider a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. It was agreed that this should be placed on the agenda for the July meeting and the clerk should contact James Hardy from Cornwall Council asking him to attend the meeting and give advice. Cllr Jenkin also asked the clerk to write to Edwina Hannaford, the portfolio holder for Planning, to advise her of sites in Madron which have planning permission but have not been developed.


16. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Burlton, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: – W.E. Wilkins, clerk – salary £640.41, office allowance £30.00, mileage £9.90, petty cash £45.62 ; HMRC – PAYE and Nat. Ins. £177.40
Clerk reported that he had received a refund of £2580.18 from HMRC in respect of his application for VAT refund from the last financial year.
Clerk has received telephone contact from Grant Thornton acting on behalf of the Audit Commission in relation to the audit return for 2014-2015 which has been approved by internal auditor and auditing councillors and the Annual Parish Council Meeting.
They state that all is in good order but they asked for an explanation for the reserves. Clerk replied to the effect that the present reserves were as in recent years and accepted by the Audit Commission and the precept had not changed. He informed the caller that more responsibilities were likely to be passed to this council and recently the weed spraying had been moved from Cornwall Council to this council and the allotment s will be the responsibility shortly. It was felt likely that other matters could be transferred in a similar way in the future. This was accepted, but in future years it was requested that explanations for reserves will be included in the full return.
17. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm, Thursday 2nd July at Madron Community Rooms