THURSDAY 2nd MARCH 2017 AT 7.30pm
Draft to be approved on 6th April 2017

Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (chairman) Cllr V. Peake (vice chairman)
Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin Cllr Mrs G. Burlton
Cllr S. Pritchard Cllr. M. Scoble
Cllr G. Tanner Cllr H. Eddy
Cllr S. Bates Cllr C. Bone
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr I. Phillips

Cornwall Cllr W.Maddern

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins, no members of the public

Cornwall Cllr R. Mann
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Trythall CP School on 2nd February 2017 were unanimously approved
3. Declarations of Interest
4. Dispensations
5. Public Participation
6. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Roberts informed members that this is Cllr Pritchard’s last meeting as he will be unavailable to attend the April meeting. She thanked him for all the work he had done for this council and all residents of the parish having involved himself in many activities, particularly transport and health, to the benefit of all. Throughout his service he has been one of the most active councillors and an example to all.
Chairman then commented on the defibrillators at Landithy Hall and Trythall School. To ensure that both are working properly it was agreed that the best course of action was for them to be inspected on a monthly basis. Cllr Scoble agreed to take responsibility for the test at Landithy Hall and Cllr Peake for Trythall School. Cllr Pritchard stated that if faults were found it would be best to write the defibrillator off due to the providers being no longer in existence and start again. Clerk was instructed to write to Trythall CP School to inform them that there will be visits by Cllrs Peake and he will require the code and then record his visits and any faults recorded.

7. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Tanner discussed the law and current problems in relation to dog fouling. He explained that there is in force throughout Cornwall a Dog Control Order which makes it an offence not to clean up after a dog if it defecates anywhere at any time on land which is open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access, with or without payment (other than Forestry Commission land). Full details of the order and exclusions for registered blind or disabled persons can be seen on Cornwall Council website under Environment and Planning /Animal welfare. It was agreed that details of this Dog Control Order are not well known and Cllr Tanner agreed to draft this detail for the website, Cornwall Cllr Maddern to ask Cornwall Council for more publicity and clerk to write to the Cornishman also asking for publicity. In addition he was instructed to write to Western Hunt to advise them of the proposed publicity concerning this offence.
Cllr Phillips reported that the sign post at Badgers Cross by the green box directing people to the path to Chysauster was broken. AlsoIn addition to this there are potholes outside Garris Farm and also 30 yards on the Badgers Cross side of the farm. Clerk was instructed to contact Cornwall Highways asking them to make contact with Cllr Phillips.
Cllr Peake informed the meeting that he had reported various amounts of fly tipping in the area and it was believed this was part of fly tipping between Heamoor and the top of Bone Valley which was reported to Cornwall Council by the clerk after being contacted by Cllr Matthews. Clerk reminded members that fly tipping can be reported by email to [email protected].
Cllr Tanner reported that he had passed a dead badger at New Mill on his way to this meeting and he will report this on the following morning.
Also the dog fouling bin at the Wishing Well has been leaning over and clerk to inform Bolitho Estates.
8. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cllr Maddern gave an update on general matters from Cornwall Council and pointed out that boundary review was still under consideration.
9. Planning
PA17/00845 – retention of existing dwelling 1A to be used as a separate dwelling, creation of a first floor, side extension forming garage and associated works at 1A Vingoes Lane, Madron – supported
PA16/11449 – conversion and extension of a store to provide self-contained family accommodation at King William 1V Inn, Madron – approved.
PA16/11491 – removal of condition 4 (10 month occupancy restriction) of decision 1/86/P/0222/F to allow all year round occupancy at 13 Old Court, Kenegie Manor, Gulval – approved
PA16/12042 – certificate of lawfulness for existing part of building as a self-contained residential dwelling at Fox Farm, road from Trevaylor to Trannnack, Gulval – granted
PA16/03177/PREAPP – Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) for the conversion and extension of Poltair Manor and the erection of 12 dwellings at Poltair Hospital, Madron – closed advice given
PA17/00082 – Fell T1 ash, polling tops of T2 ash at The Curlews, Gulval – refused
PA17/00468 – Felling of evergreen at Madron Stores, Church Road, Madron – decided not to make a TPO
Cllr Burlton advised councillors to look on line at the PREAPP PA16/03177 as above in the results section. There is important information concerning the proposed 12 dwellings at Poltair which will no doubt affect this council’s decision making in the future. There were further discussions concerning the access which needs clarifying whether it was from Madron Hill or Boscathnoe Lane. (later confirmed as Boscathnoe Lane)
Other Planning Matters


10. Public Rights of Way
Cllr Tanner had nothing to report this month
11. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions from the last meeting had been completed including removing accounts files and minutes to Landithy Hall but there were still the 30 subject files to be removed to the Parish Council cabinet in Landithy Hall.
The new Neighbourhood Police Officer for this parish is PC Adrian Fellows and details have been circulated to councillors by email.
Data Protection Training notes have been circulated to councillors by email
Cornwall Council Special Bulletin – additional road safety and drainage schemes have also been circulated to councillors by email
West Cornwall Health Watch will hold their AGM at 7pm on 23rd March at St Johns Hall, Penzance. Notices are prepared for notice boards and there is also a ‘Pop up Shop’ at in Penzance from 28th February to 4th March. All details have been emailed to councillors.
Police and Crime Commissioner’s Monthly Report has been circulated to councillors by email.
All CALC Weekly News and Rural Weekly News Digests have been circulated by email.
The next West Penwith Town and Parish Community Network Forum will be held at St Johns Hall on 16th March. Cornwall Cllr Maddern informed councillors that he had been in contact with the Police and Crime Commissioners Office and asked for her to attend but it is likely that a representative will be sent. Cllrs Roberts, Peake and Scoble agreed to attend the forum with the clerk.
Clerk attended a training session with other clerks and it was pointed out that it would be wise for councillors to have a separate email address for council matters as any Freedom of Information Act request may mean other parties having access to personal matters. This has been circulated by email and some councillors have already created a parish council address.
Due to timing problems, the Annual Parish Council Meeting with reports from the chairman and clerk will take place before the next Parish Council meeting at Trythall on 6th April. Clerk has been advised by CALC that these reports are relevant to this council and by the time of the May meeting a new council will be in office. He has consulted with the chairman and this policy has been agreed. The meeting will now commence at 7.15pm
12. West Penwith Town and Parish Community Network Forum – 16th February 2017
Cllrs Peake and Pritchard attended this forum with the clerk. Mathew Brown from Cornwall Council gave a presentation concerning Cornwall Strategic Planning affecting West Penwith.
A large proportion of the meeting was concerned with problems in Newlyn.
13. Elections – 4th May 2017
Clerk has attended a training session with other clerks organised by CALC which was held at Hayle on 20th February 2017. This was a worthwhile and interesting session in which many unexpected aspects of the election and the new council were explained. It was recommended that due to the date of the election the Annual Parish Meeting with reports from the Chairman and clerk should take place at the last meeting of this parish year, 6th April 2017.
Furthermore it was explained that the present council will remain in office until 8th May and the planned meeting on 11th May will have to be put back as the new council must have the legal notice for the meeting. The Annual Parish Council Meeting must take place between 15th and 22nd May and Clerk has requested that this meeting be held on Monday 15th May at Landithy Hall. This was agreed.
The clerk has submitted a detailed report to councillors which has been circulated by email and outlines the time schedules and responsibilities of councillors and new candidates in relation to the election.
Candidates’ packs to all councillors and candidates standing for election should be available to clerks to collect from Penzance in the week commencing 6th March 2017. On receipt the clerk will deliver the packs to all councillors standing again and other candidates.


14. To appoint 2 signatories for Barclays Bank
Clerk reported that the confirmation of signatories usually takes place at the Annual Parish Council meeting but two of the three present signatories had voiced their intention to retire this year. As two signatures are required for cheques this could present a problem in paying accounts in May if there are delays as only one signatory would be available.
The clerk consulted the chairman, vice-chairman and auditing councillors they unanimously agreed that the new signatories should be Cllrs Roberts and Burlton with Cllr Jenkin remaining as the third. This was agreed by the meeting.
15. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Peake, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: – W.E. Wilkins clerk – salary £694.90, office allowance £30.00, mileage £40.50, petty cash £41.94; HMRC – PAYE and Nat. Ins £200.39; Madron Playing Field committee – match funding for moneys raised by the committee this year as agreed £800.65. Clerk added that he has been contacted by the Information Team informing this council that the Data Protection Registration renewal is due – £35.00. This is a legal requirement and so the council is obliged to pay this by 2nd April. It was unanimously agreed to authorise this payment.
Clerk reported that he had received quotes for weed spraying in Madron for the forthcoming year. Cormac have quoted £775.05 plus VAT and Complete Weed Control South West who did this work for Madron last year, £240.00 plus VAT. It was proposed by Cllr Eddy, seconded by Cllr Burlton, and unanimously agreed that the quote from Complete Weed Control South West be accepted.
Clerk reported that during the year this council has donated £200 to Pengarth, £500 to St Maddern Church and £100 to RBL Poppy Appeal from a budget of £1000. This year there has been three further requests for this council meeting to consider. They are from Devon and Cornwall Victim Support, Cruse Bereavement Care and Cornwall Air Ambulance. Cllr Pritchard advised all that Pengarth Day Centre was short of funds and he suggested that a donation to this organisation would be appropriate in view of the service they perform for the area which includes Madron residents.
It was proposed by Cllr Scoble, seconded by Cllr Bates and resolved that, in pursuance of the power conferred by Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of that section, the council approves the payment of £100.00 to Cornwall Air Ambulance and £200.00 to Pengarth Day Centre.
16. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.15pm, Thursday 6th April 2017 at Trythall CP School