THURSDAY 1st NOVEMBER 2012 AT 7.30pm

Cllr S. Pritchard (chairman) Cllr Mrs C. Roberts (vice chairman)
Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin Cllr D. Westlake
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr C. Bone
Cllr R. Mann Cllr I. Phillips
Cllr S. Bates

Cornwall Cllr W.Maddern .

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and ten members of the public

Cllrs M. Scoble, V. Peake and Miss M. Christopher, PC Thomas
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Trythall CP School on 4th October 2012 were unanimously accepted
3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Roberts – item 10 Planning in relation to PA12/09942 at Madron Meat Company due to family involvement
Cornwall Cllr Maddern – item 10 Planning – all applications as a Cornwall Councillor
Cllrs Roberts and Westlake – item 10 Planning in relation to PA12/09012 at Lower Crankan, New Mill as neighbours and friends with the applicant.
4. Presentations for improvements in Madron Village
Clerk reported that he had circulated to members a letter from Madron Junior Youth Group in which they explained that they had been involved in activities in the village. He has also circulated a letter from Carrie Ann Durrant and Emily Salmon in which they give suggestion for improvement in the quality of life in Madron Village
The Junior Youth Group was represented by juniors Yasmin Curry, Todd Curry and Kia Jade supported by Mrs Kate Jones and Mrs Jill Burlton. These children have been involved in litter picks in the village and requested more litter bins and dog mess bins. Clerk has made enquiries with Cllr Maddern and Cornwall Council will not assist with this until at least April next year but Cllr Maddern agreed to consider funding from the Community Chest. Initial enquiries by the clerk estimate that the bins will cost in the region of £120.00 and it was agreed that there was a need for a bin by the bus stop in Parc Abnec. It was reported that some of the bins were full, particularly by the cemetery, and needed emptying and Cornwall Cllr Maddern agreed to take this up with Cornwall Council. The Junior Youth were asked to provide suggestions regarding other locations and notify the clerk of their views and the matter can be discussed at the next meeting in December.


The Junior Youth Group meet each week and are involved in arts and crafts work, trips out, arranging parties and assistance for elderly people. It was pointed out that this council will assist with financing projects but full accounts must be held and details of the expense of projects itemised.
Emily Salmon and Carrie Ann Durrant informed the meeting that they were intent in forming a residents group, ‘Madron Together’, to improve lifestyle in Madron and involve residents in efforts to improve the village and facilities. They wished to give assistance to the aged and the youth of the village and the new association would work with Devon and Cornwall (Penwith) Housing. This was confirmed by Louise Fryett from PHA who was at the meeting. Liaison was agreed for the ladies to work with Cllr Steve Bates who was on the Playing Field committee and would assist with the use of the pavilion and field for activities. They had plans to advertise both the Youth Group and themselves in an effort to attract more members. There would be a need for financial assistance and it was unanimously agreed that projects would be supported where practicable. Clerk pointed out that there was a match funding agreement between this council and the playing field committee and also this council had contributed £10,000 over the last few years for playing field equipment and the refurbishment of the pavilion with an emphasis on replacing doors and windows. It was then proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Bone and unanimously agreed that this council would match fund monies raised by this group up to £1000 in this financial year but again proper accounts must be kept.. The chairman and Cllr Jenkin, supported by all present, congratulated the ladies and children in their efforts to improve life in Madron
5. Public Participation
Mrs Jean Smith thanked all involved in the efforts to improve quality of life in Madron as there was a desperate need for the community to come together in the village.
6. Police Report
In the absence of the police the clerk gave the report for October. There were four reported crimes which was the same as October last year. AP12/2417 – on 10th, following a public order incident in Gulval, a man was arrested;. AP12/2543 – between 21st and 24th a male sent twenty harassing text messages to a female from Madron; AP12/2550 – on 25th a domestic assault took place in a house in Madron; AP12/2580 – between 27th and 28th the wing mirror of a parked car was damaged in Madron.
On 28th October a further stage 1 anti-social behaviour warning was issued to a youth in Madron which now means that there are 3 men between the ages of 18 and 22 subject to ASB warnings at this time.
Clerk has forwarded the notice of poll for Police and Crime Commissioner elections to councillors by email with copies for notice boards.
7. Chairman’s Comments
Nothing at this point in the meeting
8. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllrs Christopher and Roberts had complained to the clerk about the roots of trees and leaves on the ground of the Woodwalk in Madron which was a hazard, particularly to older people or people with disabilities. Clerk stated that this had been first reported to Devon and Cornwall Housing who owned the land on 12th September but he had been into the offices on 23rd October to emphasise the problems and express concerns that no action had been made after the first complaint. Louise Fryett stated on behalf of PHA she would follow this up to ensure action will be taken.
Cllr Mann thanked councillors for his ‘get well card’
Cllr Matthews reported that the finger post by Trythall Moor had not been repaired and Cllr Westlake added that the post by Kitty Noyes Cottage had also not been repaired. Cornwall Cllr Maddern understood that Cornwall Council were in the process of collating all the problem signs so that they could all be repaired together which would save money but he would follow this up.
Cllr Jenkin reported that the cones have been removed from the damaged road in Trewern Lane and the road still needed attention. Again this was referred to Cornwall Cllr Maddern and also clerk to inform Highways.

Cllr Bone reported a tree branch hanging over the road by the old post office in Madron and in strong winds it could fall causing injury or damage. Clerk to inform Highways
9. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
In view of all the changes in Cornwall Council, Cllr Maddern had nothing further to report.
10. Planning
(Cornwall Cllr Maddern declared an interest in all applications)
PA12/09012 – construction of agricultural shed at Lower Cranken, New Mill – supported
Clerk reported that the following application had been received after the publication of the agenda.
(Cllr Roberts declared an interest) PA12/09942 – extension of time of decision notice W1/08-1694P –dated 9th April 2010 for conversion of building to form 9 residential dwellings, demolition of other buildings and construction of 3 storey building to form 51 care apartments, 2 storey buildings to form 59 bed nursing home and 4 residential dwellings with associated parking at Madron Meat Company, Tally Ho, Madron. Clerk reminded councillors that an exhibition of the proposals was given to councillors and local people at Landithy Hall in January 2009 and this council subsequently supported the application. It was unanimously agreed that this renewed application be supported
PA12/10050 – felling of a Cornish palm at 7 Bellair Road Madron. Clerk informed members that this council had been notified of this for information and no comment was required.
PA12/06219 – submission of details to discharge condition 3 in respect of decision notice W1/09-0239 at Carnequidden Farm at New Mill – approved. This related to change of use, conversion and extension of existing barn to form self-contained holiday unit in March 2009.
PA12/06961 – retention of a shed for tractor storage, including glazed potting area and small lean-to timber drying area at Poppy Coppice, New Mill, – approved
PA12/08298 – demolition and re-building of a granny annex at Skeldar, Madron – approved
Other Planning Matters
Planning Enforcement has mailed the clerk informing him of recently registered complaints: –
EN12/02601 – siting of a caravan for residential purposes on land adjacent to Chysauster Ancient Village car park
EN12/02622 – use of land for camping in excess of 28 days at Noongallas Farm, Gulval.
EN12/2571- alleged construction of a large extension to house without planning permission at 3 Tregoddick Close, Madron
Cornwall Council invite two representatives from this council to a Local Planning Bi-annual meeting at 5.30pm on Thursday 15th November at Pool Innovation Centre, Redruth but more places may be available. Cllr Maddern and clerk reported that this event clashed with the West Penwith Community Forum. Neither organisations were agreeable to changing their dates and several councils had decided not to go to the Planning event in preference to attending the forum at Penzance. Cllr Pritchard and thre clerk had originally agreed to attend the planning meeting but now the forum is taking place on the same evening clerk was advised to cancel their attendance and attend the forum
11. Public Rights of Way
Clerk reported that this council was still awaiting reimbursement from Cornwall Council for payments to contractors. £3842.08 had been paid out over the last 3 months and reimbursement of £3458.60 was due. It appears that there have been problems between Cornwall Council and Cormac in relation to financing arrangements but we are assured that the matter will be settled in the near future.
Cllr Westlake reported that County had done a good job in repairing the surfaces in Break my Neck Lane and Kennel Lane, both gold paths, but the surface had not been compacted so the recent rains have damaged the surface again. Cllr Mann reported a similar problem with path 55 which was washed out. Clerk to inform Cornwall Council.
12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all instructions from the last meeting had been completed.


Cornwall Council Leader’s message of 8th October had been circulated to members by email.
Conversations with the Leader of Cornwall Council due to have been held at St Ives on 6th November had been cancelled as had all advertised meetings in involving the leader.
Cornwall Council has invited members to submit comments in relation to The Gambling Act 2005 revised statements of principles. This is available on www.cornwall.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=32637 for interested members.
The Cornwall Town and Parish Community Forum is to be held at 7pm on Thursday 15th November at St Johns Hall, Penzance. The agenda has been circulated to councillors by email. In addition to the chairman and the clerk Cllrs Roberts and Jenkin hoped to attend.
Cornwall Council Governance Review has been circulated to councillors by email for information – noted
CALC ‘This Week’ issue 28 had been circulated by email to councillors
Penwith Landscape Partnership are holding an event at St Johns Hall, Penzance from 6pm to 8pm on 7th November and they are conducting a community consultation – an email with details have been circulated to councillors.
Cornwall and IoS NHS have a system of obtaining advice and support on health matters which they call PHIL – Promoting Health and Information Line. The contact details are by phone on 01209.215666, text on 7800006472 and email [email protected]
13. Cornwall Code of Conduct for City, Town and Parish Councils
Clerk has circulated by email details of the new Code of Conduct for Cornwall Council.
There are a number of items to be discussed and agreed. After consultation with the chairman the clerk has produced bound hard copies for each councillor and he circulated these at the meeting. He asked members to read the details and this will be an item on the December agenda when consideration will be given to approving the code and also any other matters to be decided.
14. Trafalgar Celebration Parade and Nelson Memorial Service – 21st October 2012
Cllr Pritchard reported that the day had been a tremendous success and all parties had expressed their appreciation of the organisation and he thanked the clerk for his work in making this possible. This was an important day for Madron and Cllr Pritchard was critical of the coverage in ‘The Cornishman’ newspaper which had left out of most of which he had asked them to print. They also made mistakes in the article saying that the parade was led by Sea Cadets without a mention of RNAS Culdrose. In comparison the Western Morning News had shown a picture of the parade on the front page. Clerk was then instructed to write to ‘The Cornishman’ to express the opinions of this council. In addition to this clerk was asked to write to Mr Bill Roberts who assisted with the traffic control and the Commanding Officer at RNAS Culdrose thanking him for his support. Cllr Westlake asked for the clerk to request the navy photographs of the day so that they could be included on the Madron Parish Council website
Clerk reported that all invoices for the celebrations have been received and the total cost to this council is £315.63. As £400 had been put aside in the budget for this event the expenditure was within the estimates.
15. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Mann, seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: – W.E. Wilkins, clerk – salary £520.46, office allowance £30, mileage £22, Trafalgar mileage £11, disbursements which includes printing codes of conduct, etc £47.18; HMRC – PAYE £130.00.
Clerk reported that since the agenda was published he has received two invoices concerning the Trafalgar celebrations. £195 is due to Mounts Bay Coaches for transport of the Sea Cadets and £2.76 to Cornwall Council for printing the invitations and reply cards. It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by C llr Mann and unanimously agreed that these invoices be paid.
Cllrs Roberts and Westlake had completed an audit with the clerk on 9th October 2012 and all was in order
16. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm Thursday 6th December 2012 at Trythall CP School.