THURSDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2014 AT 7.30pm

Cllr Mrs C. Roberts chairman) Cllr Mrs A. Jenkin
Cllr Mrs G. Burlton Cllr S. Pritchard Cllr. M. Scoble Cllr H. Eddy
Cllr R. Matthews Cllr C. Bone
Cllr G. Tanner Cllr S. Bates Cllr I. Phillips

Cornwall Cllrs W.Maddern and R Mann

Clerk, Mr W.E. Wilkins and one member of the public

Cllr Peake
2. Acceptance of Minutes
The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held at Madron Community Rooms on 2nd September 2014 were unanimously accepted.
3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Tanner – item 11 Planning – PA14 /08514 change of use of the property from two artists’ studios to a single residential dwelling house at Mulfra Studios, New Mill as a neighbour and friend.
4. Dispensations
5. Introduction of James Hardy as new Community Network Manager for West Penwith
Due to a further commitment for Mr Hardy, this item was deferred until after item 13
6. Public Participation
Stella Redgrave addressed councillors as applicant for PA14/08514 at Mulfra Studios New Mill. She explained that she has owned the property for 14 years and she has used it as a holiday let but now she wanted it to be a more permanent let and eventually use it for herself when she is older.
7. Police Report
In the absence of police officers, the clerk gave the police report for October. Just one crime had been committed during the month, the same as last year. This was a car being scratched outside St Maddern School between 3.55pm and 4.15pm on the 11th of the month
PC Thomas also reported that DVLA Recovery Agents has visited the garage at Badgers Cross over the last few days and they have seized four vehicles and a further five have been clamped and will be removed in the next few days as untaxed vehicles.


Clerk reported that Tony Hogg, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall will be holding a surgery at the Cornwall Council One Stop Shop at St. Clare between 1pm and 5pm on Wednesday 15th October. People with views or concerns can book 20 minute interviews by telephoning 01392.225555 or by email [email protected].
8. Chairman’s Comments
Cllr Roberts congratulated Cornwall Cllr Maddern on his reappointment as chairman of West Penwith Town and Parish Community Network Forum..
9. Councillors’ Questions and Comments
Cllr Pritchard informed the meeting that at 8.30pm on the previous evening he dialled the police on the ‘101’system and he had to wait 18 minutes before he was able to speak to an operator. He made a complaint about the delay to the supervisor who said that he would look into the matter, but Cllr Pritchard stated his intention to attempt to speak to Tony Hogg, the Police and Crime Commissioner at his surgery in Penzance on 8th October. He was reporting this to te meeting for information.
Cllr Scoble reported rubbish, including a mattress, being dumped on the entrance road to Madron Wishing Well. Cllr Bone will check to see if it is still there and if so will contact the clerk to arrange removal.
Cllr Eddy reported a freezer being abandoned in Lesingey Lane – clerk to arrange collection by Cornwall Council.
10. Comments from Cornwall Councillors
Cornwall Cllr Maddern has received complaints about a footpath, presumably at the rear of Trafalgar Fields, having spikes exposed on the surface. He was informed byCllrs Scoble, Bates and the clerk that this problem had been dealt with but later in October there will be a ‘walkabout’ with Devon and Cornwall Housing officers an d the path will be examined then.
Cornwall Cllr Maddern pointed out the problems with dead badgers on roads and the threat of vehicles going over them and taking any disease to farmland. Cornwall Council guarantee to remove the badgers within three hours in the daytime and up to twelve hours at night after receiving reports.
Cornwall Cllr Mann informed the meeting that Ludgvan Parish Council are holding a survey by contacting all houses in the parish asking about the need for further housing and Penzance Town Council will hold a meeting concerning the same subject in the near future at Penwith College. He pointed out that the proposal for housing on the Poltair Hospital site is ongoing.
11. Planning
PA14/08274 –change of use from holiday unit to dwelling house at Cart House Barn at New Mill – supported
PA14/08679 – listed building consent for internal works and re-designing single storey link at Trevaylor Manor Nursing Home, Gulval – supported
PA14/08893 – two-storey side extension to provide annexed accommodation for a family member at Mill Vale, Newbridge – supported
PA14/008514 – change of use of the property from two artist’s studios to a single residential dwelling house at Mulfra Studio, New Mill – (Cllr Tanner declared an interest and left the room) – supported
PA14/07375 – ground mounted solar panels at Myghal, Boskenan, New Mill – approved.
Other Planning Matters
Cornwall Council – Schedule of Focussed Changes to Cornwall Local Plan – Strategic Policies.Clerk reported that this was put before the last meeting in September but it was deferred for the attention of councillors who were absent from the meeting.Details have been circulated by email in August showing that the main plan is not for consultation, just minor strategic changes, the majority of which affect other parts of the county, as the plan had been approved earlier in the year. At the September meeting councillors had no further observations and no further comments were expressed at this meeting.


PA13/09734 –outline application with all rights reserved for construction of a dwelling at land to the west of Lower Trebean, Fore Street, Madron.. The Planning Inspectorate has overturned the decision by Cornwall Council not to approve this application. This is in line with this council who recommended approval.
12. Public Rights of Way
Clerk reported that the second cut of paths have been completed and the invoices are included in the finance item on this agenda
Cllr Tanner commented on Cornwall Council’s statement of case in relation to upgrade of footpath to bridleway at Mulfra Hill. He informed members that he had a long conversation with John Rowle, the Cornwall Public Rights of Way Officer, who felt that we were right in not being involved in the forthcoming public enquiry. The Planning Inspector will now decide whether a public enquiry is necessary.
Cllr Tanner has been making enquiries into the present situation of PAROW and he can report that they have received additional funding. He has informed them that help would be appreciated to reopen the extension to footpath 24 at Mount Whistle and he is in contact with them over this project.
Cllr Tanner has also asked for assistance with work on footpath 55 and he is concerned that this path which is a gold path has now been closed for nearly two years and this is unsatisfactory. It was agreed that the clerk should write to Cornwall Council expressing these concerns.
13. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
Clerk reported that all actions from the last meeting had been completed and where appropriate, relevant matters had been added to items being discussed.
Cornwall Council are holding an Extraordinary Forum at 7pm on Wednesday 8th October at Committee Room One at St Clare, Penzance, when the subject will be ‘Your Budget’. Cornwall Council are having to make savings of £196 million by 2018 and views from all councillors are invited to attend. This is open to the public and notices have been placed on notice boards.
Clerk added that since the publication of the agenda he had received a voucher valued at £100.00 to be spent at Howdens in Falmouth against an order for kitchens or kitchen accessories or joinery products. This has come to us as this company completed work at Landithy Hall, the subject of an Aggregates Levy grant via this council
It was proposed by Cllr Jenkin, seconded by Cllr Bates and unanimously agreed that the voucher be donated to Landithy Hall and the voucher was passed to Cllr Scoble.
5. Introduction of James Hardy as the new Community Network Manager for West Penwith (Deferred)
Cllr Roberts introduced James Hardy to the meeting. Mr Hardy explained his role in being a support to parishes and also a route to services provided by Cornwall Council. He is happy to receive calls from councillors and his telephone number is 07794 059 071 and his email contact is [email protected]. He has further responsibilities particularly with the savings to be made and he pointed out that where Cornwall Council, the police and other services are concerned there will have to be a saving of half a billion pounds in Cornwall.
Cllr Pritchard suggested that portfolio holders should be invited to the West Cornwall Town and Parish Community Forum to address all local councils and receive questions. His particular interest was transport. Cornwall Cllr Maddern, who commented on the good working relationship already established with Mr Hardy, agreed with this and explained that John Pollard, the Leader of the council will be invited and this was endorsed by Mr Hardy.
Mr Hardy informed the meeting that there was an opportunity for parishes to take over services from Cornwall Council and charge for this and it was a way of increasing income.
Cllr Roberts thanked Mr Hardy for attending and Mr Hardy left the meeting


14. Registration of Common Land
Cllr Eddy gave a report on his visit to the DEFRA offices in London on 4th September for a meeting with Lord de Mauley, the Minister responsible for common land registration. Present were the DEFRA Minister himself with senior DEFRA Civil Servants as well as local farmers and representatives.
Points put forward were that there is little public benefit as most land is covered by existing schemes and the DEFRA Minister confirmed that the sole public benefit is to get an up to date list of where the common land is in England.
A reply is currently awaited from the Minister in respect of points put forward by the group.
15. Guidance in Implementing Openness Regulations
Clerk reported that CALC have issued detailed guidance on the new regulation in great detail and this was put to the September meeting but it is repeated as there were several members absent. Clerk will retain a copy of the guidance should any need arise at any meeting but basically there will have to be changes to Standing Orders before being approved at the next annual meeting, but it is reassuring to see that this council is conforming to regulations as they stand.
16. West Cornwall Town and Parish Community Forum
Cllrs Roberts and Scoble attended this forum with the clerk and various appointments were made including Cornwall Cllr Maddern being retained as chairman and James Hardy introduced as the new Network Manager for West Penwith.
In addition presentations were given on the West Cornwall Community Action Group who has access to finance for local business projects which they scrutinize. Various interests were represented within the group and there was a request for a parish councillor to join, preferably with an interest in farming, and it was suggested that Madron may be able to provide such a councillor. Cllr Eddy agreed to consider taking on this role.
A further presentation was given by the Penwith Pioneers ‘Local Conversations,Local People’, an organisation where volunteers keep contact with people who need company or help, which was well received. Details of the notes from the meeting have been circulated to councillors by email.
17. Trafalgar Thanksgiving and Nelson Memorial Parade and Service
Clerk reported that all preparations were in hand. Street closures have been approved, 80 invitations sent out, and contact made with RNAS Culdrose regarding the parade. It was confirmed that Cllr Peake would steward the traffic from Madron Hill and Cllr Bates from Trelawney Estate, Cllr Pritchard would do the early morning check for any parked cars and Cllr Scoble would issue notices, which have been prepared by the clerk, to local houses asking for their co-operation.
There are notices of street closures to be placed at points affected along the parade route and Cllr Scoble agreed to assist the clerk with this.
Finally clerk asked for details of councillors attending as he was collating numbers to help church wardens with seating arrangements and Cllrs Pritchard, Matthews, Phillips Jenkin, Burlton and Tanner with the chairman stated that they would attend.
18. Policy to cover Likely Reduction of 15% in Precept for 2015-2016
Clerk reported that there is likely to be a cut of 15% in the precept for the next financial year. As he was preparing a budget later in the year there are items to be considered. Cllr Scoble felt that we should ensure all requests for grants and donations are reviewed to be sure they actually merit our support. Members felt that the matters can be reviewed as they arise as Cllr Pritchard pointed out that there were reserves built into the finances for emergencies. There were mixed views about contributing to the removal of verges in Trelawney Estate to assist parking and this will be reviewed after consultations with Devon and Cornwall Housing who have an interest.


Clerk reported that there would be a ‘Walkabout’ in Madron later in October when Lou Fryett and her Asset Manager from Devon and Cornwall Housing would walk through the village looking at any problems. Clerk will be informed and he will notify the chairman and any interested councillors of the arrangements so that they can join in the walk and make any comments. Cllrs Roberts, Bates, Scoble, Burlton and Pritchard asked to be informed of the arrangements.
19. Finance
It was proposed by Cllr Mathews, seconded by Cllr Burlton and unanimously agreed that the following accounts be paid: –
W.E.Wilkins, clerk – salary £606.63, office allowance £30.00, mileage 20.70, petty cash £26.62, Trafalgar postage £80.80; HMRC – PAYE and Nat Ins £164.74, Iron Bros of Wadebridge – 50% of cost of finger post in New Mill (50% being paid by Cormac) £234.00 including VAT; Cllr Eddy – expenses for travelling to meeting in London (see item 14) £136.80
Clerk reported that on the day after the agenda was posted invoices were received from N. Prowse and A. Clemens for £600.00 each for the second cut of gold paths. £40.50 has been taken off the original schedule as path 55 has not been fully cut due to closure. He has emailed councillors asking if there was any objection for these invoices to be paid at this meeting and no objections have been received.
It was proposed by Cllr Pritchard seconded by Cllr Jenkin and unanimously agreed that these invoices also be paid.
Clerk will invoice Cornwall Council for reimbursement.
20. Time and Date of Next Meeting
7.30pm on Thursday 6th November 2014 at Madron Community Rooms