Notice of Update to Madron Parish Website

What’s new locally? Madron has a new more colourful parish website! The Parish Council felt that the community deserved an updated and expanded website, one that was easier to use, provided more useful information, and would help to embrace the whole community. As well as informing the parish about the work of its parish council, the new website can provide the latest parish news, list upcoming events, and advertise both the parish facilities and the prominent local organisations. It provides all the necessary contact details and even gives the local latest weather information! There is also an informative section on parish history, both ancient and modern. The website also provides a good communication medium for informing the parish of the progress of the Neighbourhood Development Plan project. The new website has now replaced the old one and can be reached at the same address as before, at A significant difference from the old site is that the design and layout has been optimised for viewing on phone screens, as this is how the majority of people will probably view it. Happy viewing!