Base and Aims at August 2009

Updated – August 2010; September 2011; July 2012;
July 2013; July 2014; July 2015

Section 1 Index

Section 2 History and Parish Council aims and policies

Section 3 Councillors – contacts and responsibilities

Section 4 Organisations within parish

Section 5 Parish survey 2005 – views

Section 6 Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund – allocation of previous funding

Section 7 Future funding – Aggregates Levy Sustainability Funding

Section 8 Any other projects planned for the forthcoming year

Section 2

History and Parish Council Aims and Policies

Relief for the poor has been in existence since the sixth century but the Poor Law Act of 1834 created legal Poor Law Unions. Madron was included in The Penzance Union which built the Penzance Union Workhouse in 1839.

Public health had become a concern and a Local Board to deal this was set up in Madron in 1863 to ensure a proper water supply, drainage, healthy houses, inspection of food, prevention and removal of nuisances, proper provision for burials and the suppression of causes of disease. This Local Board gave way to Madron Urban District Council in 1894.

The Urban District Council was downgraded to a Parish Council in 1934 due to the enlargement of Penzance and changes under the Local Government Act of 1929 and this is the base for the present Madron Parish Council.

Madron Parish Council is in fact a misnomer, as it covers the two wards of Madron and Gulval. There are 6 councillors for each ward.

The Council meets on the first Thursday of each month alternating between Landithy Hall at Madron and Trythall School at New Mill, thus allowing members of the public to attend their nearest meeting. There are very occasional variations to this arrangement due to circumstances at that time. Agendas giving the details, venue and date of the next meeting and minutes of the previous meeting are posted to notice boards in Madron, New Mill and Badgers Cross and included on the Parish Council website.

Madron Parish Council has always prided itself in its community connections with every councillor being involved in one or more of the organisations or associations within the area. This close contact with so many people enables the Council to be confident that they are truly representing the views and wishes of the community.

The Council always has the benefits of the area and its residents uppermost, seeking to ensure that there is no discrimination, prejudice or favouritism in any decision making. When decisions or recommendations are made councillors feel secure in their knowledge of their area and the thoughts and aspirations of their fellow parishioners.

This Council is aware of its responsibilities to represent the whole of the community and understands the need to be shown to do so.

It is with this background that Madron Parish Council entered into the consultation exercise in 2005. The Council took the opinions, needs and requests resulting from the consultation into account and wherever possible have used these as priorities when making decisions, particularly in relation to the allocation of monies within the parish.

Each year the plan is reviewed and aims for the forthcoming year updated.

Section 3

Parish Councillors – contacts, roles and responsibilities

Councillor Clare Roberts Chairman 01736.796924.
Oversee all matters
Councillor Vic Peake Vice – Chairman 01736.360234
Stand in for and assist
Tripconi Trust
Councillor Spencer Pritchard Transport 01736.364164
Health and Hospital services
West Penwith Forum
Police liaison
Risk assessments
Councillor Michael Scoble Planning 01736.362643
West Penwith Forum
Councillor Ann Jenkin Standards Board 01736.364283
Health and Hospital Services
Trafalgar celebrations
Daniel School Foundation Trust
Councillor Colin Bone Daniel School Foundation Trust 01736.369100
Councillor Roy Matthews Older Peoples’ Forum 01736.362533
Councillor Steve Bates Routine maintenance within 01736.330522
Liaison with Playing Fields
Police Liaison
Councillor Graham Tanner Planning 01736.332297
Public Rights of Way
Councillor Gill Burlton Liaison with Playing Fields 01736.363076
Public Rights-of-Way
Councillor Hugh Eddy Website 01736.368708
Waste & recycling
Common Land
Councillor Ivor Phillips Tripcony Trust 01736.365806

Clerk – Wib Wilkins Administration, day to day 01736.762874
running of council, all meetings
Trafalgar Sunday celebrations.
Responsible Finance Officer

Section 4

Organisations within the Parish.

St Maddern Parish Church Rev Tim Hawkins – 01736.360992
Secretary – Mrs Ann Jenkin 01736.364283

Madron Methodist Chapel Mr Stuart Meyers 01736.368486

Landithy Hall Chairman Mr Mike Scoble 01736.362643
Secretary Mrs Lesley Scoble 01736.362643
Caretaker & bookings Mrs Connie Strowger
01736.448569 or 0783.916812

King George V Playing Fields Association Secretary Mrs.Connie Strowger
01736.448569 or 0783.916.812

Madron Old Cornwall Society Chairman Mr Roy Matthews 01736.362533
Secretary Mrs Mary Mannering 01736.711392

Madron Youth Club Leader– Mrs Jackie Meyers 01736.368486

Madron Brownies Mrs Gill Burlton – 01736 – 363076

Madron Young Farmers Chairman – Mr Adam Roberts 01736796924
Secretary – Elizabeth Trewern, 07891989705

Gulval Cricket Club Secretary – Roger Searle 01736.361858

Madron Football Club Mr Alan Davenport 01736.330611

Trythall CP School Head – Matt Strevens 01736.362021

St. Maddern School Head – Miss Helen Pearce 01736.364845

Madron Womens Institute Alma Willans – 01736.361097

Devon and Cornwall Housing Lou Fryett – 01736 – 331799

Madron Wellwishers Phil Westren – 01736.362602

Section 5

Madron Community ‘Have Your Say’ Survey 2005

The above survey was conducted in conjunction with the then Penwith District Council.

Survey questionnaires were circulated to 500 households and 101 were returned – a response of 20.2%

This was completed with an event at Landithy Hall where members were invited to attend and various organisations were present to give advice or address problems. This session lasted from 2pm until 8pm and only in the region of 20 people attended.

All results were published in a detailed survey which should be read in conjunction with this review.

It was apparent that the majority of items discussed were impractical due to the size of the parish, available finance, responsibility of other agencies, and the availability of requested items in Penzance on a larger scale some 2 miles away.

Where practicable Madron Parish Council have taken up matters such as bus services, post office closure, highways, public order and other local concerns with various degrees of success and failure. Financial assistance has been given to local organisations including playing fields, brownies, youth club and other local organisations in addition to funding from Aggregates Levy (now not available) and council savings.

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