Steering & Working Groups

The neighbourhood plan project is managed by the Steering Group, with subordinate working groups for specific plan topics.

The working groups are led by individual Steering Group members with the intent that volunteer parishioners would be encouraged to join them.

The Steering Group reports directly to the Parish Council for the conduct of the plan and its Terms of Reference can be found in the Neighbourhood Plan Documents set.

Steering Group Members

Cllr Graham Tanner (Chairman)
T: 01736 332297, M: 07875 355902 Email:

Cllr Mike Scoble
T: 01736 362643 Email:

Mr Peter Scrase
T: 01736 363712 Email:

Ms Carolyn Montgomerie
T: 07821 691883 Email:

Cllr Helen Hawkins
T: 07966 228124 Email:

Cllr Hugh Eddy
T: 01736 368708 Email:

Ms Patricia Venn
T: 01736 601047 Email:

Mr Geoffrey Brighton
T: 01736 350168, M: 07747 737383 Email:

Cllr Simon Elliott
T: 07595 374426 Email:

Mr Phil Davies
T: 07773 428484 Email:

Mrs Jodie Ellis (Secretary)
T: 07855774357 Email:

Working Groups & Lead Members


Geoffrey Brighton
Mike Scoble

Built Environment and Heritage

Peter Scrase

Natural Environment

Hugh Eddy


Simon Elliott

Business and Jobs

Simon Elliott
Phil Davies

Community Facilities and Services

Patricia Venn
Carolyn Montgomerie